Youtube Celebrity Gathering & Campus Tour @ INTI Edge Festival

So I was at the INTI Edge Festival last week after blogging about it beforehand, and true to what I shared my expectations were not only met but exceeded awesomely!


The first

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thing I noticed was the refreshed outlook of the college. I used to come here to give talks during the fresher’s predeparture gathering, so I know how it looked liked, and it was okay, well, it looked like your typical classroom. This time, as you enter you’d see a huge *asterisk* mark that INTI is known for nationwide, their symbol of uniqeness. Can’t resist but to take a picture of it πŸ˜›



Before we were taken for a tour, I did a few checks of my own and found out that there are lots of spaces not common in a university building, spaces that do not have a specific function as you’d normally find elsewhere. Little did I know that it was somewhat of an accident too, as the management at INTI shared with me that by studying the behaviour of the students’ activities in these areas, they are able to learn how the space is being used in an organic fashion. FANTASTIC I tell you!


But that’s for later, let’s focus first on…. the Youtube Celebrity Gathering at INTI College Subang campus’s NEW AND COOL AUDITORIUM! Really love the spacious space, ideal for performances, talks, celebrations and anything you can practically think of. Fitting a capacity of 350 people with built in seats numbering 274 seats in total, this is an auditorium not to be made fun of. And guess what, each seat comes with its own power outlet and table, and the stage lighting and sound system is an American based integrated system – don’t play play ah!

In fact I’m already thinking of how to plan for @EYEProjectMY events here hehe *ding*



First we were entertained by some of our popular Youtube musicians, and in this case we had two awesome performers, Ryan Lucas & Jenn Cheah (@soimjenn). The audience really loved the cover of famous songs, a great start to the talk πŸ™‚


Then begin the talk of the town, where @dmingthing, @reubenkang @jinnyboy, the folks at @GrimFilm and @dan_khoo got together to share with us their secrets to becoming famous Malaysians! Among some of the questions asked was more towards how they started that made them successful. But the truth is, any one of us could have starting Youtubing. @dmingthing used his laptop camera back then. So what’s your excuse?

Dan Khoo started without worrying if there will be people viewing his videos, believing in his work (which is excellent, by the way, saw “The Last Gift” which hasn’t come out yet.. You’d love it.)

Jared Lee & Roy Ajong believed in promoting feelings we try to deny from ourselves through GRIMFILM’s emotion-filled short films, when people only wanted to watch short, funny videos.

Jin Lim & Reuben W.J Kang of JinnyBoyTV believed so hard that our YouTube videos made in Malaysia will one day be made known globally, so people know where Malaysia is on the world map.

Well, guess what: they are now so famous and popular, YouTube Partners with videos fetching a million views, and respected by many including youths and adults alike, because they started and didn’t let anyone tell them not to πŸ™‚

Anyhow, LOVED this Youtubers Celebrity Gathering at the INTI Edge Festival, get to know all of them even more closely, yes, even @MamaJinny hehe β™₯


That’s enough of the Youtube celebrities already, what else can we expect from the new campus? Well, an outdoor platform where it could either be a car park, a court for sports or *gasp* an entertainment ground! See what I mean about the flexibility of the place?


Oh and before I forget, we were taken around by Dr. Dominic Szambowski, Campus Executive of INTI International College Subang – 5th from left. He’s so humble and approachable πŸ™‚


Even the classrooms have an EDGE to it (hence, INTI Edge festival :P), showing futuristic architecture around the campus.


Taking a look at their front porch, we saw how creative the organizers were by turning it into a fashion walkway!


That’s when we met Anis Laila Yap Abdullah, Chief Executive of PJ College of Art & Design (PJCAD) and Dean of INTI Centre of Art and Design (ICAD) and Amit Sevak, CEO of INTI International University & Colleges, and of course like all bloggers we took a group picture together πŸ˜€

Ps it was Anis who contributed to the artistic side of the campus, so go thank her when you see her next!


Of course what is a campus without her facilities. Look at the number of MACS they have for the student’s use! Of course it is only restricted for its main purpose, but hey, this is something other universities may not provide – some sort like a secret weapon haha!


The grass seats can turn into a nice study area, as the administration noticed. So cool right, studying on the grass like how I used to do that in Hyde Park when I was still studying in Imperial College London. If I knew there was a park here too… hehe πŸ˜›


In any case, I was really impressed at the sort of change that has happened here. More creative, less structure, I think these are the basis of improving the way we look for solutions, troubleshooting elements and breaking out of the mould. The above points is why I’d probably consider an international college, to experience things others aren’t able to, giving me the required edge for my future career. So if you’re looking for a place to study, why not give IICS a go?

After what I’ve shared today, this should be a no-brainer πŸ™‚

Wanna say something?
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