ABSOLUT ELYX: The Super Premium Vodka for the Elites debuts at View Rooftop Bar

Absolut Elyx bottle shot1So when I first got the invitation to be part of the debut of the ABSOLUT ELYX in conjunction with the 1st Anniversary of GTower’s skyhigh View Rooftop Bar, I was nothing but ELATED. After all, being associated with Kuala Lumpur’s most elite is something you don’t see everyday, especially for a not-so-famous blogger like me. And that’s not all, we’ve got to dress up in a roaring and audacious 1920s – how cool (and classic) is that?!

ABSOLUT ELYX, the Swedish vodka house’s latest copper-toned beauty, is an ode to traditional spirit-making techniques while the bottle itself is a perfect reflection to the lovingly hand-operated distillation of this new premium ambrosia 😉 Using an authentic 1929 copper rectification still after 500 years of research resulted in a handcrafted super premium vodka with an elegant, silky texture!

Have you tried it? Did you like it? Apparently it works as the ultimate base for a wide ranging, new generation of luxury drinks and cocktails such as vodkatinis, or just simply mixed with champagne. The way we had it, however, was to have it pure over a single, slowly melting ice cube, and that was sublime. Come join me as I take you through the elegance & happenings of it all…

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An of course it HAS to start with the super exclusive invitational passes. When I received it, I told myself “so this is how it feels to be a VIP” haha. Black card, shiny orange writing, beautiful copy… I was hesitant to even go in fear that my card will be ripped in half! However… I did go of course ^_^

Felixia Yeap, Mandy Chan

The real reason is so that I could network with other VIP guests, the who’s who of Malaysia as well as His Excellency Bengt G. Carlsson Swedish Ambassador to Malaysia; even corporate captains, media industry luminaries, celebrities and socialites. We have Felixia Yeap & Mandy in the house too!

Christopher Tock, Veronica Kong (1)

Of course, I would never pass a chance to take great shots, can I? This time, my dear lovely girlfriend @Jingy_Veron came with me and we took a shot that would become my FB cover – nice huh?! Yeap, here’s to a new luxurious lifestyle come 2013 to show you that doing good CAN feed you, and it’s OK to earn money helping other people! (doctors do that, don’t they?)

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To start of the night, we were given a blind-tasting session on comparing various vodka tastes, and so we followed the five ‘S’ steps to tasting a vodka: see, swirl, sniff, sip and savour. How do I know this? Because I’m a Certified Connoisseur from the Absolut Akademi of course! Veronica Kong aka @jingy_veron acted like a lady from the 1920’s complete with her gloves and top, so elegantly beautiful; and she said that the ELYX was exceptionally smooth and and had a lingering finish, tantalizing spicy undertones with invigorating floral and fruity bouquet (only after being told that it was the ELYX!)

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While giving it a taste, I asked the experts what makes Absolut Elyx so special, and this is what I got back in return which explains why the experience is as above:-

1. 100% Hand-selected Estate Wheat
ABSOLUT ELYX is distilled exclusively from hand-selected wheat from Råbelöf, a neighbouring estate with a flawless instinct for quality. Every year, the master distiller walks the fields of Råbelöf to select wheat that meet the highest of standards. Råbelöf’s excellent wheat adds subtle fruity and floral tones to ABSOLUT ELYX, and is conducive to its elegant palate and texture.

2. Pristine Water Filtrated by Nature
The water quality is absolutely essential in vodka production. Luckily, the ABSOLUT distillery rests on its own pristine natural underground springs. Filtered through the boulder ridge and limestone bedrock for thousands of years, this water has never been exposed to modern day pollution. It is exceptionally pure, low in minerals and very soft, which is essential to the silky, smooth character of ABSOLUT ELYX. The process is perfected with Copper Catalysation, where copper plays an integral part in the making of ABSOLUT ELYX. Its unique character is obtained from the vintage rectification still, with columns, pumps and hand-forged pipes all in copper. While the apparatus adds character, additional copper packets are used to purify the vodka in the crude spirit distillation. They react with any sulphur remnants, resulting in an absolutely pure spirit. This is basic chemistry, refined to perfection.’

The Absolut Elyx bottle amidst copper pipes

3. Authentic Craftsmanship
ABSOLUT ELYX is handcrafted in small volumes, according to the best craft techniques. No computers involved, ABSOLUT ELYX is the result of manual operation, old expertise and personal supervision through all details in the process. Each batch is made to the uncompromising standards of the master distiller and his sensory experts, who taste and approve of each batch before it is bottled.

So yeah, these wonderful components blend together to produce the excellence that is ABSOLUT ELYX. Now let’s move on and find out who we met at the exclusive 1920’s party itself!

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Some of the very first people we met were top fashion designers in KL. These people were bold and audacious, perfect complement for the night. It was great seeing them and talking about the future of the industry. I promised them with EYE Project, the industry will flourish because it begins from the young! I remember Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh once said “A mark of a developed nation is not just by their economic status nor political stability, but by the true appreciation of art from their citizens“. I could not agree more!

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Of course we had to take pictures with THE Deborah Henry, the host for tonight!

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Luckily for us we’re not the only elite blogger in town (haha ;P), @wackybecky from Rebeccasaw.com was also there and we caught up a lot – her company is really doing well! So if you need more social media solutions and Socialgrooves.com is not big enough for you, try RougeComms.com instead.

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While we were mingling around, we were served with beautifully crafted canapés created by award winning Tanzini Restaurant’s Chefs, paired with a nonstop flow of cocktails showcasing fresh flavours! Couldn’t ask for more 😉

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Before we know it, the launch event began, starting with Junji Delfino’s most amazing singing! Then, Terence Ong, Sales and Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia officially launches the debut of Absolut ELYX together with Colin Ng, Head of Corporate Investments and Executive Director of GTower Sdn Bhd and  HE Bengt G Carlsson, the Swedish Ambassador to Malaysia in STYLE!

Truly, the glitz and glamour of the evening was a repeat of an era of speakeasy bars boasting a social scene which was exclusive and bold, creative and daring. Only those in the know could gain access to this dazzling event; we even had to whisper the password to the doorman (no points for guessing the word correctly haha) in order to be allowed to the penthouse floor where View Rooftop Bar is situated.

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The rest of the night was driven by NuSoundHoundz and DJ Blastique and together they played a wonderfully eclectic mix of evergreen tunes creatively combined with electro beats and deejay mixing on stage, MY kind of music 😉

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Josiah Mizukami and his beautiful partner came later and I did not hesitate to even say hi, this being the first time meeting him after getting to know him through Facebook! Can’t wait to see him come on board EYE Project one day – he definitely has a number of experience under his belt as on of Malaysia’s most elite talent!

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And so it was the end of the party, and as the secret party for KL’s elite drew to a close, guests bade their fond farewells and left with experiential memories of an enchanting night and an affirmation that ABSOLUT ELYX is the new luxury in town. Veron and I left with smiles on our faces, taking home not only premium gifts from the event, but with our extra accessories from the 1920s as well thanks to Pernod Ricard Malaysia. THANK YOU for the invites!



Last but not least, we CANNOT wait for the Swedish House Mafia’s ‘One Last Tour’ to happen, and to find out that ABSOLUT is the MAIN SPONSOR got us even more excited! (but of course right, since they’re BOTH Swedish bigwigs known throughout the world, woohoo!)

One of the collaboration involves creating more than twenty-five million online views of the Swedish House Mafia track Greyhound – a track and music video created exclusively for ABSOLUT VODKA – and also our most favourite song of the year! I will certainly do my best to pray and hope to be invited to exclusive pre-parties and after-parties as well as to join the meet and greet session with SHM – I just know Veron will be super happy if she gets to meet them ^________^

Visit http://www.onelasttour.com and we’ll see you guys on the 18th January 2013 at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon 😉

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All hail to the Absolut ELYX *bows*

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