Sneaky @PizzaHutMsia's #Cheesy7 Sneak Preview Red Carpet Party!

So we were invited to a mysterious party one fine day. One that involves a lot of good food, great friends, and one little extra ingredient nobody could have expected, especially in a place like Pizza Hut: blindfolds.

The bunch of us were seated and promised a sumptious dinner, but little did we know that we’d had a surprise waiting for us! Oh yes, a surprise worth more than our awesome Red Carpet goodie bag filled with hundreds ringgit worth of voucher, a beautiful card-sized hard disk and a sweet bag tag – LOVE!

Nevertheless, we all put on our blindfolds like an expert (God knows why everybody was so comfortable being blindfolded in a restaurant open to public ROFL!) and here as you can see, @Vernieman took it a step further by attempting a camwhoring stunt blindfolded!

That goes for us as well, but luckily for us, it wasn’t as dodgy as we’d expected (though I know for sure SOME were anticipating otherwise :P). The blindfold was actually to allow our nose and tastebuds to really appreciate the return of #Cheesy7 pizza series.

@BroFramestone, Damion Chee, @imtheJessicat, Kon, Saiful, Dennis, Brian, @Vernieman, @icallitart, @missyblurkit, @spinzer (yours truly), Ruby, @Kruel74 and Nani, Caroline and @CheeChingy can be seen savouring the moment between 4 pizzas with their truly distinctive taste!

We were then asked to rate the 4 pizzas, and here I am giving my ultimate vote to #Cheesy7 Pizza 1 that tasted very much like an exploding Super Supreme. Yeap, exploding with a lot of cheesy goodness, that is!

#Cheesy7 Pizza 2 was a Seafood-type for sure, but the base has a hint of mushroom-cheesy sauce that was oh so awesomely thick. To me though, I would rank it 4th place, after #Cheesy7 Pizza 3 then 4, which feels to me like Hawaiian BBQ Chicken and Beef Pepperoni respectively – except with more cheesy goodness (all 7 diff types!) + crunchy onions and green capsicum!

Overall we thought

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that the #Cheesy7 series brought back last year’s POW with a UNIQUE flair to them this time round, and thus got our approval to BRING #Cheesy7 BACK!

I wish I could write more to be more creative, to be honest, but since I couldn’t find my older photos of me celebrating my childhood birthdays with Pizza Hut pizzas in time, I just had to blog like this first. Pizza Hut has always brought back many memories for me, from the day I turned 1 or 2 years old till recent years, there’s nothing like a birthday party without my favourite Pan-styled Regular Crust Pizza and the little table thingie that has been my candle holder since forever. Maybe one day I could share about it yeah? Hehe…

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