Sparkling Time at Red Communications Star-studded 12th Anniversary Party

First off congratulations to Red Communications for their successful birthday bash, it was really fun hanging out with media personalities, behind-the-scenes celebrity directors, writers, producers, and all the different people that make up the team responsible for producing Malaysia’s finest productions for the last decade or so!

And for inviting me to be part of your celebration as well. It felt good to be treated like a VIP even though I am not familiar with all of them. To me, it was really a star-studded adventure as I stumble into Malaysian personalities I’d never thought I’d meet in real life, ever! πŸ˜€

Didn’t dress as well as I’d like but I will be more ready next time (yes, already looking forward to your 13th bash haha!). Hopefully by that time I’d have a beautiful date to teman me too huhu #foreveralone

In any case let’s record the mini-adventure I had that night, and after that show you what else the celebration has to offer all of you in this 3-day long party.

It started with the celeb spotting session right outside the Black Box of Publika. Photogs and videographers were shooting at night, looking frantically for their “target” and shooting them at will. It was heaven for a lot of the media people lol.

Each of them would have to go through “the walk” where

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our photographs would be taken in front of their striking red background where the number 12 was proudly displayed. There were a few objects to be held as well, and as you noticed I was holding the number 12 placard like this man here πŸ˜‰

Inside the venue various billboards were on display showing productions that the Red team has produced together with the talents, directors, writers all involved. It was great to see the amount of amazing talents in all these shows gathering in this one night – spectacular even!

This is me with Lina, one of the bosses of Red Comms (if I’m not wrong!) and since everyone went to congratulate her, I’d figured that I’d do it too. If she is, then I really respect her and her team for taking Red Comms through 12 wonderful years (as can be seen by the showreel they displayed for us). Kudos!

To describe to you how I felt when I noticed Ah Niu was just a few steps besides me will probably go like this “!@#$!@$!@$!%!”. Yes it was indescribable! This man has been sort of a hero to me as a Malaysian who has sang and acted all around Asia, even with his unassuming good looks (ahem) and very, very friendly personality!

I couldn’t help but to ask if I could have him on our #SPARCSeries and on principle he agreed, now all we need is to seal the deal! OMG! Exciting right πŸ˜€

Then of course how could you miss these two out – Kuah Jen Han (@kuahjenhan) and Jehan Miskin (@jehanmiskin) standing together, their names almost identical to each other LOL. Seriously good looking lah these two, I wish I had their genes πŸ™

Our three lovely ladies as the hosts for tonight’s party, and one Red Dragon member who played as the DJ of the night, blasting off awesome music as the night went on!

The people who made it happened! Thank you Marina Mahathir (@netrakl) for introducing me to all your friends, otherwise I wouldn’t have known a lot of them! Yes, that’s how little my knowledge is in this entertainment scene… Luckily I had…

… my good friend @SultanMuzaffar to help me out. In the end he become my source of dictionary, pointing me out to who’s who, and thanks to that I now know about the behind-the-scenes people who are normally not exposed to all of us normal guys haha. Thanks mang, I owe you one!

Of course I just had to bump to Albert, my partner-in-crime as we searched about looking for other famous people haha. One of them includes @LisaSurihani, who remains gorgeous as ever with that sweet personality of hers πŸ™‚

Can you guess who they are? πŸ˜€

And these are the amazing men and women who do all the background work. Actors and actresses love these people to bit because they turned them into who they are today. Let’s cheers for these unsung heros!

Towards the end, I actually noticed this guy getting and sending greetings to almost EVERYONE in the party, and I kept wondering to myself: who the heck was he? It wasn’t until then that I was told he’s the director of Puteri Gunung Ledang, yes, the legendary Saw Teong Hin! Of course I didn’t waste any time to greet him πŸ˜€

Really it was all thanks to June, my fellow Imperial College alumni member who also happens to be very humble yet respected in this scene, to guide me around. I didn’t know anyone see, and it was her who did the introductions to many of them, including Ah Niu himself. So proud to know her :’)

All in all I had a fantabulous time with everyone, made new friends and cherished old ones (like Vince Chong etc); all thanks to the guys at Red Communications. You guys are AMAZING and here’s hoping for more projects between us at @SocialGrooves! THANK YOU and CONGRATS AGAIN!

PS please find below other programs you can join tomorrow: the last day of this 3 day party πŸ™‚

More information at πŸ™‚

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