GoMakan.com Launches with Style at Neverland, Kuala Lumpur

The GoMakan.com food portal which claims to be Malaysia’s Best Food Directory was just launched last night, and I was too excited to share it over my blog that I did this post almost immediately after I came back.

It’ll be followed by umpteenth of photos so if you run a 56k beeepoooobepobepooo modem then I suggest you should just go hang yourself 😀

Debbie Chien, Poesy Liang, Matthias Gelber, Ivy and I at the launch

Anyhoo, the first thing I wanted to say is KUDOS to the guys at GoMakan.com for launching the portal in STYLE! While there was no “how to use our portal” section in their itinerary (I was told that they didn’t wanna bore their guests and leave it to them to check it themselves on their own accord, nice!) we were certainly and thoroughly entertained by the hilarious (and sexy!) Joanne Kam which went well with the unlimited number AND variety of food that was sponsored during the whole 4 hours we were there!


Of course the first thing we did was to explore the food stalls that they have INSIDE of Neverland. I mean, what a brilliant concept. Of course me being me, I was too lazy to go a few rounds so I went and took a little of everything at one go. This particular stall attracted me because they served interesting savoury bites in canapes, and it was pretty good! If I’m not wrong, they’re from D’f.i.s.h., check them out at www.dfish.com.my.


Then I tried this really unique apom balik lookalike thingie, topped with 3 different sauces – coconut, spicy chilli and onion sambal. The spicy chilli was honestly too hot for me LOL

Aaliyah (the one at Damansara Heights) made a presence as well, and served cute looking macaroons as well as lovely rolls. They were filling and had nice stuffings, four of them if I remember rightly.


While we were exploring (and Felicia munching on ice cream – nonstop!) Joanne Kam the celebrity host was entertaining the crowd with her usual hamsap antiques, which we all loved! Here’s her looking as cheeky as ever – don’t you just find her so lovable? 😀


Felicia, Yat and Kelly joined us this evening and grabbed as many yummies as they can. The food was inexhaustable for the crowd, which is a good thing! Then of course there was the unlimited booze as well 😉


We even had Mr Cendol providing us endless supply of Malaysia’s best known delicacy!


We waited quite a while for the Mentaiko Sushi to be prepared at Fukuharu’s stall, which was always finished! The restaurant has apparently been quite talked about lately, and why not – the food was delicious! To find out more, why not watch the video below, which I believe is produced by GoMakanTV, hosted by the beautiful Debbie.

Anyhoo there was so many stalls around but I don’t wanna put too many stuff on this blogpost, so do check my Facebook for more pics. In the meantime, Joanne ran some lucky draws and games to entertain the crowd, and it definitely did.

She started by inviting 5 guys up the stage, and even managed to embarass some of them, saying things like “Eh why you looking at me while eating the Siew Pao ah? My one is Tai Pao ok!” LOLOLOL!


Basically what they needed to do is to get blindfolded, taste the food in front of them and guess the food name as well as the vendor who created it. Poesy Liang was also called to be the contestant as you can see, her face a priceless perfection!


Another lady (I think she can be spotted at GoMakanTV’s video as well!) was up there too, and she’s another looker! Both Poesy and her stole the limelight lah haha. Joanne definitely knows how to pick well 😛


So there goes Debbie blindfolding Poesy Liang ever so gently. Gotta love this photo right? 🙂


And what do you know – Poesy’s indomitable passion to win got her answer right, and won RM50 worth of Claypot Chicken Rice! She later passed them to me, and I know who just to bring to gomakan (hehe) thanks Poesy!


As the two ladies appear together again I can’t help but to snap a picture again. Can’t blame me right? 😛


OK! Time to change topic! LOL. Here comes the gorgeous Wilee and Yat, who came with Andy Kho. Just in time to grab a few pictures, and to sip some good ol’ champagne of course 😉


Some pictures taken with famous people in da house!


Obligatory group photo of us guys from @Socialgrooves with the gorgeous ladies!


Not forgetting the partner-in-crime Dennis and Evelyn aka @MissyBlurKit!


That was the end already, but some of us stayed back to watch some great performance by a Thai group. Well, there certainly was a reason why nobody moved, kan? 😛


I just want to send my heartfelt thanks to Poesy Liang who graciously extended her VIP invitation to us at SocialGrooves.com. I first met this lady when she agreed to speak at the 1st Annual Student Leadership Symposium 2012 where she shared about her amazing life – a true survivor, and from then on we just clicked! Here’s to many, many more amazing things yet to come! *TOASTS*

Wanna say something?

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  • It was quite a night!! I was soooo full (of both alcohol and food) and was glad to get to try Fukuharu’s mentai sushi too. 🙂 Thanks for looking after me as well. Photos are lovely! I might use a couple for my blog ok?? Credit when it’s due.

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