The Mystery Behind BRAND'S Essence of Chicken Revealed!

So we were invited to see what BRAND’S Essence of Chicken has to say after many, many years of success in penetrating the minds of most of our parents – quite literally. I still remember back then when I was not used to the taste of this strange black liquid my mother forced me to take every time before my exams started, but as this habit continues, it has since become a tradition in my family. Until today, BRAND’S Essence of Chicken is a MUST

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HAVE in the house, and sometimes I do wonder, what exactly IS in that black stuff that I’ve come to accept as the reason for my unusual brightness. Now, read on, because I am going to show you the rationale behind it.

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First there is something you have to realize: in the 21st century, our brain function start to decline as early as in our 20s proven from several scientific studies. The main reason for that is STRESS – nothing is escapable from the wears and tears of life. Every day, we face all kinds of stress in our life that while we don’t actually start to “lose hair” as per the saying goes, we actually do lose brain cells!

The degeneration of the brain cells has lead to decline in cognitive performance such as lower mental alertness and memory retention. Feel something like that before? Feeling it far too often nowadays? This low motivation to learn and bad at memorising information could be key indicators of what’s really happening with you. The trick to stay active is to be healthy, and the trick to be healthy is not just exercising for your body, but food for your brain!

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And that’s why, before we continue, it was imperative that we, that’s Linora from Red.FM and I, take our first dose of BRAND’S as it was too early in the morning and we didn’t want the information we learn today to just die and rot đŸ˜›

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… Anyway, I degress. Ahem. Okay, so the latest research reveals that consuming BRAND’S Essence of Chicken daily may help improve cognitive performance especially under stressful conditions.

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Dr. Philip Tsang, a scientist whose niche area of research is the human brain, then shared with us how ProBeptigen™ and Carnosine, the 2 amazing peptides in BRAND’S Essence of Chicken, can help nourish the brain and decelerate brain degeneration. Following from some research and based on a few experiments that was done by them, it became more apparently obvious how this black liquid could actually magically enhance our brain, like an elixir of life! In fact, BRAND’S Essence of Chicken actually able to help maintain brain health and improve brain fitness via two special peptides that was found in this elixir!

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ProBeptigen™ and Carnosine are the key bioactive peptides that provide stress resistance, neuro-protection and cognitive enhancement and they are naturally present in BRAND’S Essence of Chicken. In fact, I would have to add that it exists in ALL essence of chicken. The secret to BRAND’S, is that no matter how long you boil your chicken, you’ll never be able to extract the same or even close amount of those peptides thanks to BRAND’S patented extraction technology. That’s why you’re then willing to pay for good technology đŸ™‚

Carnosine is a natural antioxidant present in both brain and muscles. In the brain, it also serves as a neuroprotectant by preventing the accumulation of damaged proteins in neurons and shields against the damaging effects of neurotoxic agents.

Meanwhile ProBeptigen™ helps to enhance both memory and motivation to learn under pressure because of its regulation of serotonin – a neurotransmitter in the brain associated with multiple brain functions – which can be affected under continuous stress.

And this is all proven true because Linora and I joined their little game on stage, and thanks to the little cheat we did that morning (by drinking our BRAND’S Essence of Chicken) we were able to masterfully win over the other team on a game of memory haha! The following pictures were taken by XiangCool – tks bro! Read his post here đŸ™‚


The above mentioned memory game, where Linora and I went up stage to take the challenge.


Basically we had to memorise the puzzle above in a minute and match it out in given time… actually, it sounds terribly simple isn’t it?


The fact is, we gave trust to each other to memorize one side of the puzzle each, and probably thanks to BRAND’S Essence of Chicken, our minds were alert and before we know it, we managed to play the game pretty well!

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Of course, we won without any competition at all and won a pair of 14-bottle pack BRAND’S Essence of Chicken each W00T! *grin*
THANKS LINORA, YOU ROCK!! Go visit her blog here!

Anyway, the presentation continued with the unveiling of their new TV advertisement. Have you watched it?

Rynn Lim, Celebrity ambassador of BRAND’S was there to present it, unveiling it for the first time in Malaysia.

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Oh and before I forget, they brought over this cool augmented reality game! Flown all the way from Hong Kong, the BRAND’S Brain Station Augmented Reality game is kinda fun really, and I had the pleasure to watch (and laugh) at XiangCool having a go at it. After he wins (and hopefully understands why the two peptides help his brain be better :P) he can then post it over

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at his Facebook profile to share with others. Nifty!

Thanks BRAND’S for the newfound knowledge, now I know how to explain to other people when they ask me why BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken is the brand you can trust. It is, after all, the only scientifically proven product of its kind, backed by over 20 years of extensive scientific and clinical research conducted worldwide. Mom, you never go wrong do you? Thanks for feeding me this stuff ever since I was a kid!

Rynn Lim, Dr. Philip Tsang, Senior Scientist at BRAND’S Brain Science Centre, Mr Koh Joo Siang, General Manager of Cerebos Malaysia and Ms Carmen Liew, Marketing Manager of Cerebos Malaysia.

A way to end a great post is always to watch something nice. If you don’t like reading, watch this ad on Youtube đŸ˜‰

What are you waiting for? Get yours right now or do visit their Facebook page at right now to find out more! :D

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  • Actually essence of Chicken is simply that- essence of chicken.
    Disturbingly it has a high sodium content which is actually known to dumb down intelligence.
    Apart from the high sodium content and the colouring added to it, it is simply a bland animal essence of no value to the body.
    I suspect private bankers would be delighted if everybody drank this as they will make a lot of money manipulating your countries currency and economics.

    Science has studied the claims made and dismissed them as nonsense.

    Is it not amazing that a deception can be in front of your eyes and not be noticed. The manufacturers do point out- It is simply essence of chicken.

    • “Science has studied the claims” – what study are you referring to? Please share.

      So far, I’ve read one Malaysian study and it seems to lean towards chicken essence being beneficial. An excerpt from the conclusion:
      “It is important to note that we are not claiming that this substance can make people brilliant but for those who have been preparing for a test, this food product, which in essence is a functional food, can perhaps enhance their already good ability to reduce mistakes.” The full article here –

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