One week to the Malaysia Social Media Week 2012 in Numbers #MSMW2012

By now many of you would have already heard about the latest talk of town: a week-long celebration on the one thing that we have all embraced (too!) quickly, which is the advent of social media, as bloggers, twitterers, youtubers, facebookers and so much more. In fact, it’s so out there that if you missed it, you’re probably blind cause it’s on theStar, almost even online news portal, flyers and posters and everything else you can name of.

That’s right folks- Malaysia Social Media Week 2012 is here between 13th to 17th of February 2012 at PWTC and there’s just so many initiatives you can be a part of just by visiting the official website at or look for them on Facebook at

Soft launch of the Malaysia Social Media Week at Pavilion

In fact, I’m excited to be a part of it as I will be sharing about my networking experience and how it has given me SO many opportunities to meet people I would not otherwise get to meet, or better yet, how I made it easy for people to find me and support/collaborate with me and organizations I’m attached to! I will be sharing a session with @kruel74, a social media savvy lawyer (cool right) as well as distinguished speakers from @motivationMY, all this between 2pm and 4pm, PWTC on 15th February 2012 – so do come support!

PS yes it is FREE but only if you register yourself at the #MSMW2012 website, so hurry and register quick – you may even win yourself free pair of movie tickets if you come early 😀


Even if you don’t come for my session, you HAVE to join us at the #MSMW2012 concert which will be happening on Friday, the 17th night, 8pm to 10.30pm at Dataran Merdeka which will have our local acts put together into one awesome concert! How awesome it is you ask? Well, you’ve got @HujanBand, @altimet, Rabbit Mac, @shawnleebeatbox, @dennislauviolin, @NjwaLatif, @AmirJahari and @MuhdAizatAmdan – what a mix!


#MSMW2012 in NUMBERS (thanks to @hashtracking!) 

As of 9pm, 7th February 2012, I’ve gathered statistical data from Twitter to show you just HOW many people are crazily excited about #MSMW2012

We’ve reached just about 1,500 tweets, coming from 503 contributors who created 1.4 million reach (that’s unique contribution) and 12.5 million impressions!!!


Hacking it down to the details, let’s find out who are the top influencers in #Twitterjaya that contributed to this numbers…

Highest no. of tweets on #MSMW2012 is @klubbkiddkl with 97 tweets, 36,151 reach, 3,505,266 impressions. Now that’s what I call tweet spamming, but hey, the guy has 36,193 followers, so he must be doing something right 😉

Highest reach & impression on #MSMW2012 goes to @aznilnawawiHM with 14 tweets reaching out to 264,532 people creating a whopping 3,674,154 impressions. Impossible? Nope, not when you have 265,241 followers on Twitter. I know, crazy right?

Highest retweets on #MSMW2012 goes to @bam_reel with 19 retweets (@karrotgold punya tweet la tu hehe)

Most retweeted on #MSMW2012 is @karrotgold with 105 retweets – that’s not bad man! This is the very same guy who organized the #OctTwtFest that saw almost 2,000 people turning up to a Twitter gathering at DiGi’s office – hopefully it would have made into the Guinness World of Records for the biggest tweet up ever! (huge compared to my #lousangtwtup mah hehe)


Nah I show you who else is in the Top 10 list. Hope the fonts are not too small for you to read.


Just some other stuff to share: Malaysians are likely to retweet you when you are influential. In this case, many of the #MSMW2012 tweets are retweets, almost 57% of it, hence able to reach out to so many people!


And if you noticed, this is because a lot of Malaysian celebrities make up the top 10 group, proving that social media does have a HUGE role in influencing the masses. So now you know why so many people are talking about #MSMW2012 – and that’s only on Twitter! Don’t believe, check the statistics below!


The statistics shown here is all thanks to I’ve set it so it will track the hashtag for a good 1 month so I’ll be creating another report after the Malaysia Social Media Week is over, and see if we’ve manage to create a bigger impact together, especially since there will be a CSR campaign running throughout the week by the Social Media Chambers which I am part of.

 It will require a whole new post to share about #SMBabies (yes that’s the name of the initiative) but I shall wait until the #MSMW2012 has it up officially on their website 🙂 It will
be my biggest proof that social media isn’t just a tool for business or personal rants – it can be made to support social good initiatives, and everyone and anyone can be a contributor! Wait for it…

Ps – if you want to come for the workshop, leave a comment below – you may just win a pair of tickets to go to the World Bloggers & Social Media Summit 2012!

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