Best of the best 2011 Malaysian (W)Rap Up by @jiniusatwork

If you’ve been caught not reading the news on some of the best things that has happened in 2011 and do not want to be left embarrased ever again, this amazing rap by Jin Hackman (@JiniusAtWork) is your miracle solution – better yet, he gives you the Malaysian public’s response to each of them outrageous news!

Warning: some expletives may be used in this wrap up vid (hell if you don’t know what that word even means, shut off that damn monitor, son!)

Awesome mentions in the video include (the best of the best in 2011) after the jump – until then, here’s hoping to a better 2012!

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  • PM @NajibRazak’s son spinning at Zouk KL
  • Rais Yatim allegedly raped his *beep*
  • Trendy girls with their undercuts (?)
  • Everyone’s life got better with UNIFI (Hell yeah!)
  • Teoh Beng Hock’s death (murder or suicide?)
  • Pirates vs Ninjas (one of @NajibRazak’s questions during #TanyaNajib)
  • Interlok protests
  • TuneTalk and Justin Bieber
  • Flash floods in KL, tsunami in Japan #PrayForJapan
  • Rosmah’s comment on the tsunami #fail
  • Berita Harian’s comic in response the tsunami #fail #max
  • Lee Chong Wei winning All England Championship
  • Acid rain = increase in umbrella sales
  • 600,000 epic downloads for Mizz Nina’s and Flo Rida’s Take Over
  • Nadhira – Tear Us Apart Feat. Ron E Jones (My fav song!)
  • Serial acid splasher (still uncaught)
  • “Lu langsi lu mati!” – KL Gangster
  • Dog abuse by the woman with the dragon tattoo
  • The Obedient Wives Club (such a ****ing LOL fest is right, Jin!)
  • @fahmi_fadzil – a century of apologies on Twitter – and I tumpang glamour quoted worldwide lol (#fail by Blu Inc!)
  • RM1.8mil on 6 Facebook pages by Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia
  • Announcement of water cut (then nothing happened)
  • Government websites hacked (they did not update their joomla security fixes- duh!)
  • ECX (?)
  • KFC’s chicken on a shoe sole youtube vid
  • Bomb threat at Pavilion, KL
  • Pavilion Kids
  • Rosalinda’s Welcome To Malaysia hit
  • Bersih 2.0 (my version)
  • Tony Fernandez bought Queen’s Park Rangers (you MUST know this!)
  • Rooney tweeted, praised boy a legend for wearing his jersey in Liverpool match (LOL!)
  • A&W Rootbeer rocks, but Sarsaparilla?
  • 2011 Ramadan TV ads – insensitive chinese woman (WTF)?
  • #tansriteh – need I say more?
  • Max 24:7 and 7 11 ghost?
  • Malaysian student robbed during London riot (video)
  • Malaysian Boy [MTV] by @Altimet, DJ Fuzz, Ila Damiaa, Point Blanc, Rabbit Mac (special ghost appearance?)
  • Altimet’s rumour (don’t know about this one!)
  • Explosion at the Empire Shopping Gallery (pics)
  • Petknode incident (touched lightly about it 2/3 of my interview with Bernama)
  • Masterchef’s epic fail re fake resume by Chef Wan’s son
  • The Lunar halo
  • The racist Reggae mansion (news)
  • Breaking world record – biggest tweet up in the world! #OCTTWTFEST
  • Marco Simoncelli’s passing in MotoGP Malaysia (real vid | close up vid)
  • #cintamukabuku made 5 mil views (not #cintamukabulu of Twitterjaya fame lol)
  • Local rising stars Kyoto Protocol band (follow at #Kyotoband)
  • @najwamahiaddin and #LiyanaFizi album launch
  • Malique and Jamal Abdillah “Aku Maafkan Kamu” collaboration!
  • Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza & Sean Kingston – Remember You (say what?)
  • Yuna’s AIM award retracted (back we got her back!)
  • Someone’s music was featured in Gossip Girl (who was it?)
  • UrbanVillage featured! Rise of independent entrepreneurship yo
  • #HarimauMalaya (AUMMMMMM!!!)
  • New Palace/Istana
  • Capital FM 88.9 by women for women
  • Chatime (who doesn’t know them?)
  • The Deer society?!
  • The Music Video Grant by MTV helped many local artists take off
  • JAIS picked worse time to do their laundry (why?)
  • Biggest fall – Khir Toyo (but only jailed for 1 year wtf)

Tribute to Jin Hackman yo

What else did I miss?

Wanna say something?
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