The Meme Proposal & The Rice of Yok Man – Last few viral video of 2011 to storm the world!

And it originated from our very own Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. How can you NOT be proud of this fact?

The last I checked, Timothy Tiah and Audrey Ooi were featured in (latest!),,,, PC World, MSNBC and That’s viral beyond epic proportions, and I think the root cause of it is because of geeks like us who could relate to the memes that was used in the proposal – especially the one that says this:

And to think it all started with Oh yes. Thanks to all of these sharing, the videos have been watched countless of times, beyond whatever Tim or Aud could expect. And I don’t blame them really, the numbers are staggering!

The accidental winners, however, are both Crazy Monkey Studio – the team that shot the video, as well as Neroteca, the restaurant where the proposal happened. Neither both would have expected this, and now, I am sure business for them would be soaring, and it will be good for them to take advantage of this windfall 🙂

Do check out the following links for their own personal account of the proposal, via the links below:

Tim’s blog –
Audrey’s blog –

Heck, even I would have loved to be mentioned by @GuyKawasaki, one of my favourite person in the world.

But before you think it’s over, there was ANOTHER video that went viral. As with the Tim & Aud’s proposal, it also originated here in Malaysia, by none other than the king of Bak Kwa, @WingHeong BBQ Meat! ( It was cleverly done in such a way that their video LOOKED like it was from YouTube, but in fact, it was cleverly done to LOOK LIKE it so it would give you the impression that they did something special that could only be done if they were to work with Youtube!

Seriously, the team behind this amazing campaign should be applauded – what great use of innovation and creativity. Without further ado, I implore you to check out BOTH videos that you can find below – the best of the best viral videos of 2011, originating from our beloved country called Malaysia. Thanks for putting us on the map in good light, guysENJOY!

Tim & Aud | The Meme Proposal Video


Wing Heong | The Rice of Yok Man


Update: Christina Perri, who sang the song that was used in Tim & Aud proposal video, tweeted about the proposal! A dream come true would be for @christinaperri to sing at their wedding now, wouldn’t it? <3

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