The (almost!) Ultimate Hennessy Artistry Experience


Will this picture be enough to explain to you why making sure I’m invited for this event all worth it? πŸ˜›

222470_10150168189462549_674297548_7019021_4949133_n IMG_5545

Fact of the matter is, partying is such a boring term when you’re invited to almost every party there is. But hey, when you’re INVITED to a party, especially one that’s rocked by awesome bands like Kyoto Protocol and Vandalism, it almost takes you to a whole new level innit? I mean, take a look at the gorgeous babes up there – yes, them Hennessy drinks damnit, not those kind of babes – how can you NOT enjoy yourself on a Saturday night like that!


Of course what’s really special about it is the ability to take pictures AND upload it into Facebook straight away. Here’s an example of some of the cool stuff that can be done at the Hennessy Artistry event in Opera πŸ˜‰

230305_10150168190732549_674297548_7019056_7977813_n IMG_5550

And who else to join me in the picture but some of the awesome guests who joined me, thanks to Kyoto Protocol! Like any of them? Sorry mate, they’re mine! Haha


Yes, did I already mention that they are the one of the most amazing bands ever? These bunch of talented guys are not only amazing in their music, but in also other aspects of their lives! Imagine, they’ve grown from performing for their own enjoyment into competing in the likes of Baybeats and more – damnnn!


Of course, the usual suspects were there πŸ˜‰ Meet Felicia and Zoey, two amazing ladies who’ll never get drunk, ever. Try them when you see them next hehe.


The awesome party was all thanks to Hennessy VSOP, and apart from a glitch or two, I enjoyed myself pretty much, especially when hosted by the awesome Fay Hokulani! Boy does she know how to parteh!!


Until then, can’t wait for the next one to happen. Awesome friends, awesome party and even awesomer drinks – an unforgettable night indeed. Just too bad I didn’t take anyone home with me, innit? πŸ˜›

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