Of Kyoto Protocol or more popularly @KyotoBand on Twitter

Do you know who or what is Kyoto Protocol? No, not the serious, climate change thingie they have over at the States. Nuh uh. This one’s WAY more serious than that 😉

It is in fact one of the coolest bands I’ve ever known and who’s Pussycat song (check it at their MySpace account) recently hit the 1st just early this year in FlyFm’s Champur Charts!


And that’s among one of the many accomplishments they’ve done. As of today, they are one of the few bands selected to be in the finals of the Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands which is happening on the 6th of March. I’m definitely going to support them, are you? 😀


Introducing @fuadkyoto, the lead singer of the band. He’s ma homie yo. Okay, I’m just blatantly taking advantage of our famous friend here hehe.

Seriously, though, his beard(tm) is the coolest thing on earth, kan, Farah? Well apart from the fact that he’s an economist when he’s not singing la. Seriously, how cool is that?


And wherever he goes, the party goes with him and his band of brothers. Kyoto Protocol defies convention with the genre bending rock- complex, gritty, and warped, they’re a band to watch for this 2011. That’s a direct copy and paste which I’m shamelessly adding here 😛


As for this beauty…  none of you need to know. Yes, I’m THAT selfish 😛 Gorgeous Margarita is mine! (whoops did I just spelled out her name? :P)


I guess one of the most important reason for their success is their ever loyal supporters/fans/friends/bitches like the ones above. See how wacky they are? Well, that’s just the beginning! ps- @kp_gael, one of Kyoto Protocol’s main member is in this picture. Guess which is him 😉


And here’s Shakeil. No, not the guy in the middle. That one’s untouchable. See, no hands can land on him and all he does is to stare cock. WOOOOORDDDD!


But if I were to highlight one of the greatest things they’ve done, is that they still contributed to the climate change cause as with their name sake, and this was done together with Al-Jazeera; now how cool is THAT?! Take a look at the video below:

Amazing innit? Ah, I can go on and on but I guess I’ll leave you with the most epic picture in this post :-


@teejteej’s orgasmic face 😛

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Finally, support their music by legally purchasing them (only USD $1.05) 🙂

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