Guys who buy toys as a hobby

Are seriously quite mad! Then again, it’s a hobby innit? Buy sell buy sell admire admire keep till next generation sell it as an antique… I suppose that’s typical. Got a chance to get a good look at one Ironman or was it called something else and hey, it’s HEAVY and pretty solid too!


Shot of Clarity - taken with the Lumix LX5 in Manual Macro mode

Truth to be told, hobbies are a great lifestyle component to have. It helps takes you out of the typical narrowminded thinking and towards creativity and innovation. I may not find collecting toys to be “interesting”, but hey, I still find it cool, no?


Sleeping peacefully in its house

The guy who owns this War machine is none other than Ren, who’s been helping me in a lot of stuff. I was there to witness his monumental purchase of a RM10k camera, and now, I feel responsible in trying to get him to earn everything back, too 😛


Laser eyes!

But all in all, I’m pretty sure he won’t have any issues in getting his return. Thanks to this hobby of his, he’s been making quite some money buying and selling his collection of toys. And these are no ordinary toys I tell ya!


Core of Life

For example, one “toy” could cost from RM300 to RM800, and the value could increase with the rarity of the item! It’s a skill that could be learnt, and learn he did since he was pretty young. So again, hobbies, even collecting toys like these, could prove to affect your life and learning experience in their own unique way.


The mask within

In the end of the day, it’s all about removing the mask and seeing the true person inside. So what if he collects toys? Does that make him more childish than most? Nope. He’s probably one of the most mature guy I’ve ever met. And other toy collectors are the same, too, if I may add… People like Super Wilson, who shared with me his love for Transformers toys. (speaking of which, Ren recently bought one, too, and it costed a BOMB and weighted a TON!)

In any case, hobbies are great. So what’s yours?


Random picture of the day. Cool? 😛

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