Porking at Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant, Midvalley

There hasn’t been a day since it’s opening on the 6th of October, approximately 9 days ago, when I have NOT seen the word “Brotzeit” buzzing non-st0p out of both my Twitter and Facebook feed. This can mean either of two things: one is that they have been successful since day one in attracting the digital population via social media means, or two, their food is so good that the same people just can’t stop coming back for more!


Brotzeit's signature Pork Knuckles

I had a chance to visit Brotzeit 2 days ago after an Advertlets screening, and my guess is that BOTH my hypothesis were right! Do I need to even argue with you if you can’t see the nicely charred caramelized surface and soft tender meat with juicy fats in the picture of Brotzeit’s signature Pork Knuckles up there? If I have to, sod it cause you don’t appreciate good food 😛


That's 3 litres of beer for you... Perfect for sharing among friends!

Okay Pork Knuckles aside, Brotzeit is a bar as well so it goes without saying that drinking takes place a lot around here. You’ll find plenty of drafts to your liking, and if you’re no alcoholic like me, they have a good range of drinks to choose from, too.


It gets sold out pretty quickly, so get it fast and get it earlier!

Once again, presenting the Pork Knuckles. It’s massive. No joke.


A cut into the succulent flesh

Not too dry, not too oily either, crunchy at the outside, fleshy in the inside. YUM. (Oh and there’s the sauerkraut!)


Pizza made out of gourmet ingredients!

Another item not to be missed is their pizza. Serious. As in serious bacon overload!


Our group after the movie screening!

Here’s Leonard Foong our friendly host for the day, don’t know what Walauwei is showing him tho haha!


Sausage fest!!

Man they are HUGE!! The sausage platter boasts a variety of sausages that will make you go ooh and ahh as you bite into the meat… It came in sweet, spicy and cheesy forms, and really, it makes a damn good fulfilling snack! (One person too much laaa)


Walauwei stoned edi lol

I don’t know what you call these but they are like sweet crunchies meant to be eaten with jam… Scones perhaps?


Apple Strudel and Ice Cream!

Finally we ended our supper (yeap!) with the warm apple strudel and a dollop of vanilla ice cream 😀 Firstly I have to add that the Apple Strudel wasn’t TOO sweet so it went perfectly well with the cold, yummy ic-cream. Kudos!

So that’s about my experience with Brotzeit. Lots of friends there (like Rebecca!), great place to hang out, guess I’ll pay another soon enough. (need to try more of their food, quite a variety!)

Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant (same row as Spaghetti Grill, Chillis and Pao Xiang Bak kut teh)
Lot G (E) – 018, Ground External Floor
Mid Valley City.


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