Of Kemerdekaan (Independence Day) and Malaysia

[Go straight to the report] Of late some would have noticed that I’ve gone from the usual 9am to 5pm job, especially if they were to follow my Twitter or Facebook account. Yes, I’ve left my day job at ECM Libra Investment Bank since April 31st, last day being Labour’s Day that signifies freedom from the fixed salary arena.
It was a scary thought, to only live on freelancing dough (I deal with web development projects mostly, on top of existing consulting and non- profit organisations like Young Corporate Malaysians and Random Alphabets-currently running your PAsar RAMadhan assistant project!) and not knowing when the next paycheck will come- but if I were to be able and turn back time, I would still take this challenging path.

Khairy sharing the results of the #BNYL report

Yes, I may face impending financial difficulties and the constant nagging from my loved ones to be more stable in my career, but I could not resist not heeding a call to work on matters I’m most passionate about; of Malaysia’s development of talents in all fields, building of human capital resources right here at home.

And it all begins at a very young age. Young as they may be, I never failed to be impress by the mindsets of generations after me, most likely a product of constant call to lead and take charge, thanks to those like me who believe in the youth as well whether from the corporate, community, causes, arts or political scene. Now it is time for the young not to be taken lightly, as they have for years in this developing country. It is time to inject young, fresh and innovative ideas unpolluted by corruptions and biasness of certain age old policies and the people who’re bound to them.

The PM arrives and we sing lagu Negaraku

My personal view on this matter is that everyone plays a role in a developing nation. One autocratic and capable leader can only do so much, but only with team leadership can spur a vision into reality. I’ve done an interview with BFM on how corporates can play a role in it, developing young working class people. I’ve also done an interview with NST on how people shouldn’t just associate nation building to just the people who are in politics with all their seriousness, but starts with the everyday person and still being able to have fun.

We just need to learn how to take responsibility and stop counting on others. Even if you feel others

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are taking the responsibility away from you, making it difficult for you to do something, don’t give up! Locate the right resources, and nothing can stop you if your ideas and principles are genuine, honest and good for all.

PM Najib promises that most if not all the suggestions WILL be implemented!

Recently I played a role as an a-political activist for unity in one of Khairy’s efforts to send forth a set of policies to the Prime Minister Najib brainstormed by a collection of young individuals each with their own reasons of being a part of the Barison National Youh Lab, as reported by theStar yesterday. Some of the focus group members are not comfortable with the association it has with a government entity including me, trust me, but I see no wrong if the efforts are genuine, and that it won’t be a waste of our time if we defined and act upon an SOP on it (I will ensure this). Yes, by now a lot of you would have form opinions, but which of you will act upon a solution to do something, let alone think of one? Well, here it is- our solution as a collective- read it then let me know what you think about it.

[download id=”1″ format=”1″]

The point is to understand that no sides were taken, and the neutrality remains because my ultimate concern is for the benefit of Malaysia and her fellow rakyat, to the best that we can do. Whether we like it or not, corruption exists everywhere and rather than relying on short term solutions, a long term strategy that requires patience is much needed. But that could be my part to play, as we still need people who are able to take and make immediate action for the momentum to pick up. Once again, it’s a team effort, and the team consists of you, the rakyat of Malaysia.

Can we really trust them to do it? Well, we rakyat have a responsibility too!

This, I hope would create a sense of belonging to our beloved country regardless of what she is going through in this current and testing times. This, I hope will stop brain drain issues from happening as we approach a time where lesser focus will be on industrialisaion and more into research and development- building human capital resources.

This, I hope, would be your call for this coming 31st of August 2010, as we celebrate Malaysia’s 53rd Independence Day.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

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