What is inside P1 and Intel's pandora box?

So P1 and Intel has been up to something fishy, and I only found this out after being invited to an exclusive event giving us a sneak peek at a technology which currently only exists in 5 other counties. Curious much?

At first I thought it was something about augmented reality, in which objects in real life can be placed into the digital world where they can be interacted with in all possible ways, but no, it wasn’t the highlight of the night, as cool as it may be, only a byline apparently.

Fortunately for us selected few, we DID get to see what was in store for us in time to come (more specifically, next Tuesday!) and to be honest, it’s something we’ve all been waiting for, a technology that may change the way we do things today, for example. What else would you expect of the brainchild between gianthouse Intel and leading WiMax provider P1?

I’ll leave the rest to your intelligent imagination πŸ˜‰ Best person to come up with a caption for the picture above will win something exclusive next week, so feel free to show off your creativity for the funny picture above!

Ps for more info do visit www.whatisinside.com.my or follow me via Twitter at http://www.Twitter.com/spinzer by tomorrow if you want to know more!

Hint in video!

A sneak peek @ Fuji Finepix Real3D W1 camera

After the event we got to witness another incredible technology thanks to Intel’s tech man: the 3D camera! Here is a video I took on it, and random pictures too. Amazing, no?

Yeap you saw it right, that was a DOUBLE CMOS camera!

This is actually on 3D, but taken with a 2D iPhone 3GS camera πŸ˜›

@goldfries was one of the tech enthusiast who got so excited over it… or rather ALL of us lol!

This is the 3D glasses that looked soooo cool you would’t mind wearing it in public πŸ˜›

Yapthomas loving every single part of it πŸ˜›


Thanks Intel and P1 for the invite, looking forward to see you guys again πŸ˜‰

In the meantime, let me show off my Puma-style workstation to end this post, LOL!

See and download the full gallery on posterous

Stay tuned for more guys!

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