Premium shisha flavours @ Dutamas

While waiting for Joanne’s visit to Sony Music Entertainment office at Dutamas, I perchance upon a new shisha place who were open way before the normal opening times of most shisha bars… In this case it was easily around 4pm or so. Immediately I was coerced into having a seat and the first thing I ordered was their mint tea, which unfortunately they did not have.


However they reassured me that it was because they were new in town, and in future it will be a must have. In fact when the tea arrived, I forgave them over the stunningly beautiful tableware placed before me… I shall let the pictures do the describing because mere words were not enough even to start with the intricate designs on their teaspoon.


The shisha owners were humble people who claimed that their operations were from Pavilion’s Carlos, which was made clear when they showed me their menus- it had premium flavours like White Grape for example, which was near champagne quality. However since it was too early to enjoy such a premium taste, I went for Double Apple Mint instead, which came in this beautiful emerald furry hookah!


In the meantime I thought I could order some local delicacies here, which surprised me when what came turned out to be fallefal with bits of roast chicken and fries, served in tomato and mayonnaise. However it tasted good, and that was all I could ask for 🙂


So there I was, a king, seated on the throne, shishaing away :))


Pimp time: Heart4Hope t-shirts sold by Yvonne Foong in order to support her battle with Neurofibromatosis Type 2. A great example to those who possess a healthy body to stop whining and do something to help yourself. Peace yo.



I will definitely look forward to coming back here again one fine night, to try out their super bong machine (far left!) coupled with their premium white grape molasses. The fact that the area is protected by high walls overlooking the roads means that there won’t be much wind around, meaning that I could perform my rings trick over and over again until I get enough of syok-sendiriness hehe. Who’s with me? 🙂

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