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‘Twas another night at Craft Brews where I got to sample the food as well in a more detailed fashion, compared to my last trip there which I blogged about here: Craft Brews, proud to be non-halal.

The first thing I noticed was the superb ambiance every single time I checked in here, at least from the very start of it. The crowd was noticably larger, and we’re talking about very civilized crowd that aren’t too noisy and yet gives you the warmth feeling that you’re not alone. The lighting and the decor too emphasizes on how much it made us feel welcomed, and I think that’s an important factor for returning customers.

The lighting and the decor too emphasizes on how much it made us feel welcomed, and I think that’s an important factor for returning customers. Which of course, made me return :p


So there we were, Joanne Kay and myself, going on a gastronomic journey to sample the sweet combination of meat platters and custom brewed beer right here in the heart of Mutiara Damansara.


First we were served the Pork Based Tomato Soup -Offered with compliments from the kitchen as a means to Surprise & Delight Craft Brew’s dining customers. Savoury and thick, you can taste the broth that must have been brewed overnight, giving a wholesome flavour to it. Not salty too, so thumbs up on that!


The appetizers were served first, which includes the Caramelized Roast Pork 2 -RM16. Although it may not look impressive (or it’s VERY impressively dark, depending on how you view it of course) I do trust my taste buds in saying that it’s good! Every morsel sends a sinful shock into your system, and most importantly, make you feel good 😉 Try it!


Spiced Sausages in Bacon Skin -RM18, contrary to it’s namesake, isn’t that spicy after all! This new dish makes for a good sharing starter, easy to eat and also to the stomach especially just before the main course itself. The bacon skin lends it a very yummy taste of course, goes well with your choice of beer 😉


The Bacon ‘n Batter -RM15 will forever be the favourite after Caramelized Roast Pork 2 though, thanks to its nature of being a finger food to go with simply any beverage you have with you! Eaten like french fries, you’d never realise the sinful nature of it before it goes deliciously down into your mouth, your saliva clearly enjoying soaking the morsels turning it into joy juices made especially for your tongue to enjoy! A MUST try!


The main courses then came, starting with the Pork Burger -RM26. Lavished with the following assortment, I thought it was great though if my onions were caramelized further it would have lent an edge to the taste, like a purposeful ‘zing’ to it.


The Burger Add-on Options are somewhat a little above the average price (RM2.50 each) but I guess with the amount they slap on top of that burger, one can’t really argue. Some of the toppings include

  • Streaky Bacon
  • Sunny Side-up Egg
  • Pineapple Slice
  • Caramelized Onions
  • Cheese

Of course it all went well with their awesome Potato Wedges and Roasted Hob!


For the non-meat lovers Craft Brews serve the Lemongrass Butter Dory Fillet -RM26 which makes for a good tangy experience. The sauce is a little more special than others, and of course, best eaten hot 😉


But of course we were here for the Tex-Mex Hickory BBQ Back Ribs -RM35 and the Honey Mustard Back Ribs -RM35. From the first time I was here, the cravings for these juicy ribs never died, and to have them again was like a sweet ending to a never ending story. Okay I jest, I want to come back again :p

Once again the ribs is something worth trying, if only they could drop the price a wee bit more, I would definitely go for it more often!


Lastly we had the Moist Chocolate Brownie for RM16. Joanne found it funny that they used cinnamon powder for sprinkles but we were told that it’s merely for the purpose of presentation, and not for taste. I guess they wanted to improve the smell, but sorry la I’m not a big fan of chocolate, so I whollaped on the ice cream instead, so yummy as expected of New Zealand Natural 😉


My next blog entry will be about the alcoholic beverages (what else!) but here’s a teaser to come…

Presenting the RedDot Beers (from left to right):

  • Czech Pilsner
  • Monster Green Lager
  • Weizen
  • English Ale

What is your favourite? Do give it a try! For your benefit here are some useful info:

  • Happy Hours: 1 Pint -RM25; Half Pint -RM15; Tower -RM169
  • Normal Hours: 1 Pint -RM29; Half Pint -RM17; Tower -RM199

And here’s how to go to the venue!

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