Playtime with the Alphabets People

Firstly let me express my sincere credits to Google Buzz, the system which opened up a whole new meaning to inobtrusive mail forwards. I actually look forward to these things finding its way into my Buzz box!

There. Credits given by the Amazing Alphabetical People :p

Isn’t it cool? Though try as I may to emulate these people, I’m afraid with all the curves I have it’s gonna be one heck of a task to do. Why don’t you try it out? 😉

Methinks they are really impressive. Let’s see if any of you has the patience to write a single posts purely by using these human alphabets, it’ll be hillarious!

Tell you what. The first and second person to post a complete post purely using the human alphabets and put their link here will win themselves the finest sparkling champagne which is also NON-HALAL, haven’t heard before leh! Perfect for any kind of celebration 😉 Read more about it at the bottom of this post.



Oh by the way, did I already tell you that I’m going somewhere tonight?

Wait for the hint….

Why? Instead of my graduation that happened 3 years ago, this time it’s my lil sis who did HELP twinning degree in Malaysia all her life, so to graduate in London’s LSE is a dream to her… Congratulations Sandra Tock, I’ll be the proud brother who’ll be the one looking at you in your graduation robe this time! (though I wish I could sing with the LSE’s Chamber Choir like how I did with Imperial’s at Royal Albert Hall :p)

Wanna say something?
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