A Zesty Adventure with AHROY Thai Cuisine @ Taman Segar, Cheras

When I first twitted about going to AHROY Thai Cuisine thanks to BBO, there were quite a number of surprising response from the twitterville claiming that it’s one of the best Thai restaurants there is! This only fueled me to accept the offer and brave the jam-packed Pasar Malam night last Friday to find this can’t-be-missed restaurant, located just opposite Leisure Mall, beside Hong Leong Bank at the corner.


Now the first thing that would come to your mind when having Thai cuisine would be their tom yam soup, isn’t it? Well, the above happens to be their Tom Yam Seafood Soup (Red), prized between RM20 (S), RM28 (M) and RM38 (B) which are pretty reasonable! In this case, however, their tom yam proved to be inferior especially when it came to their specialties! Many thanks to our gracious host we all got to try most of them, all reviewed below 😉


This, happens to be one of their most authentic Thailand dishes, called the Thai Traditional Leaf Wrapped Savouries (Mieng Kam) @RM15. This dish consists of small cubes of lime, roasted nuts, imported dried shrimp (oh it makes a WHOLE lot of difference!), dry roasted coconuts hand-chopped, shallots, chillies and ginger surrounding their specially home-made tamarind sauce, as seen in the pic above.  The leaf used to eat this with, is called betel leaf which is apparently known to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in human’s body. Sounds like a healthy alternative to snacks, no? 😉


And this is how you turn the betel leaf into a cleverly shaped cup for you to stuffed the ingredients into before popping the delicious morsel into your mouth. Cute and dainty isn’t it?

But I digress. We should probably start with the appetizers first which were served before the main courses.


We were first given Tapioca with Coconut Milk @RM6 to start, and as per recommended by the restaurant, it was indeed a delicacy of it’s own class. The simple dish required some secret ingredients which the owner insist is a trade secret, and rightly so too as we soon realize how special it is with the spongy texture, sweet demure taste topped with fresh cream! A definite must to try 🙂


Now THIS is a dish worth craving for. The Cashew Salad here is to DIE for. One just have to take a bite into a mouthful of crispy fresh lettuce stuffed with a lemony mix of sweet roasted cashew nuts, dried prawns, shallots, roasted old coconut and others that brought out the zesty zing out of the concoction.


But I guess pictures tell more than words, innit? A bite like this is enough to send you in an out of body experience lol!


Okay enough raving about the Salad. Let’s take a look at another of AHROY’s specialty, called the Octopus with Special Sauce @RM10. To prepare a dish like this one requires fresh squids as it’s not really cooked. Eaten with a special lemony sauce spread all over, it becomes a crunchy and zesty snack that you can’t seem to stop eating 🙂





Cockles Salad @RM12, to be honest, would probably be my mother’s favourite dish. Fresh and doused in lemoney sauce, these morsels tasted fine so I’m all good :p


Steam Fish in Thai Style (seasonal price) – The above is the “before” pic.


This is after it’s been steamed using a very traditional device that utilizes charcoal to bring the flavour out of all the ingredients, making the soup really, really tasty! Yum 😀


We also had the Golden-Brown Stuffed Crab In Shell @RM10(2 pcs) which was a concoction of crab meat and mixed herbs that gave it an aromatic smell together with a savoury taste that lingered on our tastebuds. Its sweet flesh seemed to leap out there and then 😉


A definite must to order in any Thai restaurant, the Pandan Leaf Chicken @RM13 (5 pcs) became my favourite way to tell if the Thai cuisine is really worth trying or not. My verdict: a definite YES! The wrapping, while not the original style, has been modified to enclose the pieces of thigh meat (yes, THIGH, yums!) really tightly with special house herbs to retain the  juices while it is cooked, giving the pieces of meat an unrivalled wholesome, herb-filled aroma and taste!

Go for this one, I bet my life on it 🙂


Go for Deep Fried Crispy Kang Kong @RM8 (S) | RM12 (B) if you’re looking for a quick snack, especially for the young ones. They will love this dish, especially when dipped in their home-made sauce made of chilli, lime, onions and squids!


Steam Squid in Lime Juice @RM25 also happens to be their specialty dish. The seemingly plain-looking dish is actually a power-packed lime-infused squid fest cooked so perfectly that its texture can’t be defined as too springy or two chewy. It’s right in the middle!


Of course you’ll also find the usual Thai menu such as the Green Curry Chicken @ RM15 (S) | RM25 (B) filled with coconut goodness, best eaten with hot steamed rice.


Tub Tim Krob a.k.a Water Chestnuts with Coconut Milk (Red Rubies) @RM5 need I say more?


They also have Thai Otah-Otah in Banana Leaf @RM8 (2 pcs), which happened to be a favourite of a few returning customers. I can’t figure out why, maybe you can tell me 🙂


Remember the leaf? It’s been made to wrap these morsels of meat to create this dimsum-ish dish, nicely eaten with Thai chilli sauce 😉


Once again I have to impress on you the goodness of the Thai Traditional Leaf Wrapped Savouries (Mieng Kam) featuring the Betel leaves which are really hard to find, and yet, the owner constantly looks for it because they know that it’s a delicacy that can only be obtain here. Refreshing!


Om nom nom!


Once again thanks to Sidney and Sunny of BBO for the invite, and well met Yew Li of about-uli.blogspot.com! Read her entry here, she took really gorgeous photos!


To be honest, after the session I told myself that though the recipes and method of cooking used here may not necessarily be the most authentic way, they have certainly took painstaking efforts to strive as the best Thai food served in the area, if not the whole of Klang Valley. Lots of respect for them, especially as they work with Thai Tourism as well among other things.

I would most definitely come back here again, if not with Annabel who’s parents know their boss. Possible to get discount, yes? 😛

Ahroy Thai Cuisine
Address: 48, Jln Manis 1, Taman Segar, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 9133 2330

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