Whet your CNY appetite with Din Tai Fung @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Din Tai Fung is not a stranger at all in the world of Taiwanese cuisine as it is considered one of the best globally. The latest branch to appear in Malaysia happens to be in Pavilion on the 6th floor, where TGIF is located, and for that we really should rejoice!



And why is that, you say? That’s because Din Tai Fung does not only consistently keeps check with the quality and taste of the food they serve to be equivalent, if not better than their counterpart in Taiwan, but also create a environment so that us as customers also get to feel the Taiwanese culture through and through!

The appetizers

Not only do the waiter and waitresses get sent to Taiwan to undergo strict (and fun) training, some (really hot, mind you) Taiwanese are actually brought here too to observe the correct customs and to ensure none of Taiwanese culture is diluted in any way at all. Everything from their greeting style, language to the way the food is served concisely explains their culture to us customers, therefore giving us a rich experience of dining in Taiwan!

In any case, let’s get you through some exquisite Taiwanese dishes that is sure to whet your appetite for this coming Chinese New Year!


Japanese Cucumber

The imported cucumber retained its crunchiness even when it’s soaked in yummy soya and sesame sauce, giving a sweet-like savoury feel with every bite. Very, very special flavour, must try ๐Ÿ™‚


Special Appetizer – Sour Spicy Seaweed

This mix of sour taufoo, seaweed and spices is meant to whet your appetite for the dishes to come.


Spicy Jelly Fish

This very Thai-inspired dish is beautifully done and tasty as well. Don’t know how they can extract the essence of the flavours without adding additional flavourings on it…


Taiwan Century Egg

These century eggs all have runny yolks that tastes like heaven as soon as they get into your mouth. Laced with pickled ginger, every one of them is as addictive as hell!


Crab Meat & Pork Xiao Long Bao

Served piping hot, you can clearly taste the fine mix of crab meat and pork intertwined, their juices kept tightly within the special dough used to create the firm thin layer of protection.


The way to eat it is by picking it up on the TOP end without spilling its juices, dipping it into vinegar with shredded ginger and then carefully biting the thin but firm skin for the hot juices to flow into your mouth, pop in the dumpling and enjoy as it swirls its way around your mouth, touching your tastebuds with joy.


Shrimp & Pork Dumplings

Again, every morsel seem to contain a flavoursome piece of steamed juicy patties, a beautiful mix and mash of prawns and pork meat to form the dumplings. Once again, Din Tai Fung’s special flour was used to ensure firmness of the skin while still being able to be thin!


House Special Steamed Chicken Soup

Now if there’s anything I would come back for, it’s their House Special soup! Even I can’t imagine how something simple using really basic ingredients could taste so good without being too salty at all! The technique and equipment used ensured that the taste of every chicken pieces (4 lovely pieces to be exact) blended well into the soup, giving it a really premium broth that no words could even begin to describe! A definite must try, 5/5 stars!


Cha Jiang La Mien

The la mien, at first, I thought was too bland. But after a quick chat with the chef it was understood ย that the typical taste in Taiwan is mostly that; bland. Hence the healthy levels there are a lot higher compared to, say, the Western dishes. The problem was solved, however, when she poured a nice dose of vinegar (specially made from Taiwan) which then turned the whole dish into something amazing altogether!


The noodles were springy and looked like Japanese ramen, except NOT as springy. It tastes really clear as well, something I’d much prefer than an overpowering noodle taste, especially when eaten with clear broth.


Pork Chop Fried Rice

Very decent and typical dish consisting of a healthy portion of fried breaded pork together with fragrant fried rice. Best eaten with their chilli flakes too!



Baby Green Beans with Minced Pork

Crunchy and small enough to eat comfortably, one can never go wrong ordering this tasty dish. Good for health, too!


Mini Sesame Bun

These little bun comes with sweet black sesame filling, steamed like a bao. Even the paper that holds it underneath is imported because only then it wouldn’t stick to the wooden surface, which you will find in other dim sum outlets. This shows how much Din Tai Fung values even the smallest detail.


Red Bean Xiao Long Bao

Red bean filling instead of the usual pork dumpling, it is certainly a unique dessert to try, made possible only because of the special dough they use.


We finally end the day with a taste of their Sour Spicy soup which was exactly that; sour and spicy… and most definitely tasty! All in all it was a meal to remember by, thanks to the people at Din Tai Fung for making it such a pleasant experience, complete with their polite Taiwanese culture practiced all the way from the chefs to the waiters. Since I work really near, I’d probably come by again, ESPECIALLY for their House Special Steamed Chicken Soup, YUMS!

Din Tai Fung
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
Contact number to be inserted soon!

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