Wawaweewa @ FHM Girls Next Door Finale Parteh!!

FHM Girl Next Door 2010 – What is it about?

Well I can’ t be bothered to explain, but one of the finalist here is none other than my colleague Katherine Ng! Seeing her look so beautiful up on the stage, I can’t help but feel the pride of being with her from the moment she settled down in KL from Australia up till now, knowing all the big names, being famous and popular and all that… All I can hope is that she won’t forget me after she’s made a name of herself!


Gorgeous ain’t she? And guess what: She’s an investment banker. Yea baby, an INVESTMENT BANKER! The other candidates may have come from their various background but this girl, Kat Ng, is all beauty and brains!


Well, not JUST beauty and brains though. I don’t think I need to elaborate, just don’t drool too much onto your keyboard :p



The TOP 4 finalist were chosen, unfortunately she wasn’t the the winner, but guess what… She’s forever a winner in my heart 😉


It was Yvonne Sim instead, and given her bubbly nature I suppose it’s not very surprising is it?


There you go, FHM’s Girl Next Door 2010. Expect to see her photoshoots in magazine all around you.


All other candidates were winners too. Here they are getting something for dedicating so much time into this project done annually.


It’s a chance for average girls to come out and show  the world who they are. Some did a good job, like Julia Moh and Jesmine Yap.


Then again I’m probably biased cause I only know these girls out of the rest… cause they are friendly!


Well Kat, always a winner I say. Thank God you decided to try this out even though knowing you were going to have a hard time juggling between work and this! Kudos 🙂


The girls all in a row. I know it may not be up to your standards, but it’s not easy being in these girls’ position. If you want to talk so much, why don’t you get out there and try it for yourself 😉


Thanks Esther for coming along with me to the event to support Kat. Could always count on you for your support!


Oh and I have to share this with you! Turns out that previous GnD finalist Kellie Yap knows about me when we got introduced by Esther, and I tell you I just melted lol! A geek like me does not deserve that kind of compliment (I consider compliment la, what’s ur problem! :P) so thanks a lot, you don’t know it but you’ve made my day!

Well, that is, until you took so long to approve my Friend Request on FB la. I knew it was all a lie. Ok just kidding hehe, well met dear Kellie Yap!


And one last picture to show u my smirking face, with yet another Yap clan, Jesmine. I know her from way back, but she forgotten… Then again I forgotten what transpired back then, but whatever it is the event was fully of momentous occasion, so much that it was truly a day to remember for the year 2010.

Well, apart from the #yorais thingie la :p

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