Malaysians are cool! Why? Cos we made Tali Tenang project a success!


The day started with us getting briefed by ZainHD of


It was a necessity that we remain calm at all times, especially when we’re about to tell everyone that we were meant to WALK from Bangsar LRT Station to Bangsar Sports Complex. And that’s one heck of a long walk!


The crowd came. It was about 200, well off the 700 who RSVPed for attendance, but it’s only to be expected. Then again we’d have some problems if it was more than 200, crazy mang!


Everyone came. I was so happy. Tekong was here. Flags waved. It felt really, really good 🙂


Everyone was so sporting. KJ the Yo-yo champion brought his many strings to join the fun as well, and boy was he grinning ever so cheekily! Oh and look at our RA shirt, nice? 🙂


I missed the long stretch of walk where everyone was in a line holding their strings, tied to each other cause I had to monitor the queue at the traffic junction, the most dangerous part of the walk. It was fine, though, and really heartening to see cars honking in approval and shouting their support along with us, who cheered back at them. 🙂


Then the 200 odd group was split into three routes into Bangsar Village to maximise the impact. The whole procession was so cool that we’d managed to pick up some passerbies to join us, and eventually crossed paths with each other. Joy was clearly to be seen!


As we cross the housing area towards the Sports Complex, cars a many slowed down to chat with us. Now this is what I call engaging with the public for a good cause!


We’ve finally done it! It was crazy and everyone had a RAD time!


Familiar faces? Yeap it’s Nigel and Felicia who joined us! Thanks guys!


KJ doing something crazy -.- Anyway….


Patriotism soared as I see all my beautiful friends, both young and old alike, gathering to join us for this amazing event called the #TaliTenang.


What is Tali Tenang? It’s a project created by a group called United Colours of Malaysia, supported by RandomAlphabets, and it was meant to show that despite many incidents which has occured throughout the month and past, we’re still cool and unfazed. All provocations have been nullified, and here we are, proving to the country that Malaysians of all age, race, religion, gender and believes can still walk together, hand in hand (or in this case, string to string)


It’s really very, very amazing to see these faces of pride for Malaysia. Notice that we had Marina Mahathir and family, prominent figures like Niki Cheong, Jules, Rina, influential twitterers like @theChannelC among the whole bunch of them and more that I can’t just mention in this sentence…


And whatever it is, do remember that everytime you complain and blame others when shit happens to you, STOP and think for a bit. (Thanks Andy and Felicia for being the models :p) It would be better if you actually take a stance, believe in it, and do something for Malaysia, however small, because we can make a difference, like what Tali Tenang did. We are the future of Malaysia, so don’t ever give up hope, because if we do, who else will rescue our beloved Malaysia when she needs us most?

Tali Tenang – String of Peace, because we’re united like that 🙂

*The event is also covered in both theStar: 250 tied by strings of solidarity and on NST: Networking for a group cause. For more info head here.

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