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P1160137Is there anything more joyous than laughing with our loved ones in a cozy reunion dinner? Absolutely not. House of Tang believes firmly in the good spirit of homecoming children especially in these seasons and I swear, they know just how to make it even warmer! Follow on for a visual journey inside the House of Tang with me 😉


Firstly the place itself, located at Bangsar One just up the hill as you enter Jalan Ara, is in actual fact a converted bungalow. It is complete with a garden and a beautiful patio for outside dining. I’ve just confirmed that you can book off the whole place for any functions that you may want. This is their first step in creating a homely feel when you actually dine in the House of Tang.



This time Esther was brought in along with us. It would have been perfect if she was dressed in a Cheong Sam, no? In any case, I’m sure to make a reservation solely based on the interior and exterior design of the building. Chinese, being who they are, are easily impressed with such a beautiful design before attending to their dinner 🙂



Cards? Mahjong? Feel free to do so here at House of Tang. Made to be cosy and also spacious, the place fan fit families of all sizes.



If you’re observant enough, you’ll notice all kinds of beautiful and breathtaking details, specially designed to calm your thoughts, and only extract joy out of everyone. It definitely helps with extended families meets, when sometimes problems may haunt the members of the family. Water and serenity = zen.



As you enter you’ll notice the festive moods soaring within you, thanks to willow trees and overall Chinese New Year decor.



Lively fishes are also reared and placed near the front door to invite life into the surrounding mood. Like what Feng Shui master Joey Yap says, it’s not the number of fish that matters, it’s the water level.



You can enjoy your meals from the House of Tang’s garden area, living area, private rooms, and dining area, upstairs or downstairs. In this case we’ve had our reservations upstairs where there were tables ready for us.



As soon as we were seated, we could feel the joy sinking into our hearts, releasing them off all worries and troubles. At the end we were all talking animatedly over the ambience, lighting, decorations and such. It was amazing.



Friends and family makes the bulk of visitors here. The cozy warmth elopes everyone as we got to know each other. But in the end, we were here for the food, so that kept us really excited.



Salmon Yee Sang with Crispy Shredded Treasures in Plum Dressing



The Salmon Yee Sang with Crispy Shredded Treasures in Plum Dressing comes with Salmon slices and Top shell. Of course, if you want to change the ingredient to suit your style, House of Tang will be able to assist you. Just call them up!


It was truly a sight to behold. The waitress who were amicable and pleasant throughout treated us to a visual display of Yee Sang preparation.


And here we are, the Yee Sang before it is “Lou-ed”. At this time, I think you can imagine how much we were eager to toss the Yee Sang for fortune, health and other miscellaneous bonuses, especially more food reviews!


The end product after lou-ing the yee sang. We then proceeded to noms 😉


Soon after we were presented with Shark Fin soup, but not just ANY shark fin soup.

福星添高照 干貝蚧肉冬瓜盅
Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Dri
ed Scallop in Winter Melon


Brilliantly presented inside a Winter Melon fruit, it doesn’t only smell heavenly but also created a gasp from all of us over the beautiful presentation!


And as for the soup, it was a delicious blend of real sharks fin and fresh crab meat inside superior broth. The clear broth was also infused with the sweetness of the winter melon to create a light soup, perfect to start the dinner.


Next to come wasn’t any other dish as well.

榮華又富貴 紅燒元蹄
House of Tang Braised Pork Trotter


The Braised Pork Trotter was nothing short of tender. If the design wasn’t already world class, imagine the sight to behold as we made an incision deep into the braised meat, slicing oh-so-slowly to release the aromatic steam. Needless to say the sauce was equally tasty, and this made a wholesome tasty dish altogether!


And as usual, we have the signature prawn dish, called the

Japanese styles fleshy prawns (ming ha)


This is not your usual Tiger Prawns. Its succulent meat is so fresh and springy yet crunchy on the outside, and together with the salt and chilli made the delicacy a meal not to be missed!


Assam ‘Tom Yam’ Garoupa Fish

My most favourite dish of all! This simply exudes class by itself! The gravy is simply delicious and the fish, freshly cooked! I loved the gravy so much that I had to keep them in a bowl to eat with my rice. It didn’t stop there, I simply had to have my second rounds, or was it third?


Whatever it is, this not-really-appetizing picture on top become the major reason why I will come back to the House Of Tang. If anything, I’ve never tasted any other Assam fish just like this, and I would definitely make this a recommendation for everyone 🙂


Baked Chicken with Herbs

A twist for the typical chinese set menu, we also had the honour to check out yet another signature dish as above. Tender fleshes and savoury sauce made of special blend of herbs made up for its normal design (at least compared to the others). Tasty!


Double Boiled Soup of the Day

We also had a round of soup to try, the usual ones you can find else where. Made without MSG (like the rest of the dishes too, mind you!) the soup was doubled boil just nicely, and you can clearly smell the distinct aroma from each of them.


However what stood out most was the Coconut infused herbal soup- the clear herbal soup is uniquely tinged with coconut flavours, supple and not too strong, such that it commanded the natural sweetness of all ingredients involved. Kudos for such a creative and essential idea!



French Beans with Preserved Olives and Minced Meat

The french beans, fried in “Wok Hei” turned out to be a very tasty vegetable dish, perfect for both kids and adults to enjoy. I probably enjoyed this the most as it wasn’t too oily and crunchy enough to my liking.


Special Homemade Layered Beancurd

The idea on how this dish came up was when the Master Chef Koh wanted to create something tasty yet without destroying the tofu as it is really tender. For instance, cooking it twice would have destroyed the beautiful texture it had. The result? Layered Beancurd that could dance with your tastebuds 😉


Braised Pork with Soya Sauce


Now this dish was a little bit different compared to what I’ve tried before. The main difference was the Tangy Sauce that went with the fat-pork meat and steamed bun, which could prove to be too strong for others, and yet, amazingly tasty for the rest. I found it a little ‘hard’ at first, but thanks to the tender pieces of meat it eventually melted into my mouth, just like the rest of the dishes.


Claypot Pork Belly with Lotus Root

Yet another recommended dish! Clean, tasty and sometimes with an added “zhng” whenever you bite into the succulent pork belly. I’m actually serious :p


如意添好市 海參蠔士鮑螺發菜
Braised Dried Oysters with Fatt Choy, Top Shell, Sea Cucumber and Wok Fried Greens

Perfect to clean your mouth and stomach after the galore of savoury food!


金銀堆滿屋 荷葉臘味飯
Steamed Rice with Waxed Meat in Lotus Leaf

Pictures just don’t do justice for this dish. But the again, this one just MIGHT will 😉


全家好團圓 海底椰湯丸
Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Sea Coconut in Iced Lemon Syrup

Finally we’ve reached the desserts! I thought we’d never get pass the main dishes to be honest, though I’m not complaining really :p In any case, the glutinous rice dumplings are so nicely done complete with sufficient fillings, really nice! Coupled with the sea coconuts and served cold it was the perfect way to end all 8-course menu!


步步高升好 香炸年糕
Crisp Fried Chinese Brown Sugar Cake

The last of the last is then served, and for me I was too full at this point to fully appreciate this apparent masterpiece. A small bite tells me that it makes a great snack though, and so I tarpaoed some to take home for suppers snacking :p


Master Chef Koh is the man of the day. For a man who designed all the dishes and presentation in the menu you see above, you’d think he’d be stuck up and be all prim and proper. However after we had our chances for photoshoot with him we realised that he loves to joke and always makes people around him feel at home. Esther here had a fun time taking a photo with our wonky chef 😀

His singular focus is fixed at providing unsurpassed level of homey experience for the entire duration of your gathering, be it a dinner or lunch. And to be honest, I think he did all those pretty much amazingly. Look out for Chinese New Year promotions as per below!

More pricing of the promotions, click here and here.
For enquiries or reservation, please contact:

House of Tang
One Bangsar
No. 63B, Jalan Ara, bangsar Baru, 59100 kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603 2282 1111 │ Email:

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