Pizza Hut & The Crunchy Cheesy Bites!


Thanks to the great folks at Pizza Hut, we got invitation to savour their new products! I guess I have to say kudos to them for taking the initiative and explore the possibilities of social media using blogs (yes, blogs are considered part of SM too!), Facebook fan page among other things. Much thanks to Lawrence Ding for making this happen!


As usual the usual peeps were invited, their post mentioned below (i’m probably the last one to blog about this, heh) so do pay them a visit for better pictures and descriptions. As for me, I prefer to make you salivate with my own personal angle at these yummylicious food, starting from yummy Honey BBQ Wings!


Okay I think the pictures are everywhere but what the heck! Here’s the latest Crunchy Cheesy Bites to whet your appetite. The reason for the shape is so that you can stick in one finger-sized crunchy sticks into your mouth easily, and proceed to chew smoothly! If you’re daring, you can even eat the prawn shells, like I did :p


God this is so awesome. Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings.


You can definitely see the food piling up, they were pretty generous 😀


The usual favourites were presented as well, no complains there. Beef Pepperoni Pizza


To show that Pizza Hut wasn’t just about Pizzas and their famous chicken wings, we were also encouraged t o try their baked dishes, in which case, this is their cheese baked meatball dish. Pretty bouncy I must add :p


Then of course they have the Thai Tuna Roll bites as well.


And who can ever escaped the Tempura Calamari Rings, crispy in the outside yet juicy in the inside. A must have 😀


In between, Lawrence setted up a huge ass flat screen TV to show us their new ads, and even described how it was made! What a documentary… but of course there was a reason for this: their latest competition to win laptops, flat screen LCDs and much more!

Check it out, more at their Facebook fan page.


If you thought that was just it, you’re wrong! The Maju Junction Mall Pizza Hut team even prepared a few strips of the famous TRIPLE CHEESE STICKS just before they get melted inside the Crunchy Bites base! Made of three different cheeses; Parmesan, Cheddar and Mozarella, they were nothing short but HEAVENLY! What an experience 😀


Jess showing how super stretchy it is lol!


Ken showing how yummylicious it is, eating it just like that lol!


Tasting the Triple Cheese sticks, everyone including our dear witch is full of happy face 😀


Pizzas,  Chicken Wings, Cheese Bake,  Tempura, what else?

Pastas of course, this is their Prawn Olio.


And the Chicken Meatball Bolognaise. Honestly I prefer the latter more than the former,  but that’s cause I prefer more tasty food! What’s your taste?


Finally, the Creamy Carbonara which is the crowd favourite. Confirm la, it’s the most fattening of all ma :p


Anyway the day also coincided with Wilson’s birthday, and though it was evil of me not to wish him throughout the day, it was part and parcel of the plan to surprise him that night. He was surprised for sure, and we were all happy for him.  Once again it was many thanks to Pizza Hut for being able to cater for a birthday celebration, very flexible of them to go through lengths to make sure we’re happy 🙂

So, happy birthday Wilson!! You definitely made the right choice to spend your birthday with us 😀


This was all made possible thanks to the great hospitality at Maju Junction Mall’s Pizza Hut branch. I wish all of the others would learn from them, especially on the politeness and friendliness of the staff there. Besides that we also got to tell of our good and bad experiences with Pizza Hut from both delivery and eating in angles so that Pizza Hut could work on the feedback to make a better experience for us, and that was certainly a good way to start customer relationships.


In the end, from coming to taste the latest products of what Pizza Hut came to offer, we left with a satisfied, all round great “Getting to know the bloggers” meet and I think all of us were very happy to receive free vouchers as well as a beautifully made 4Gb Thumbdrive from Pizza Hut for us to use. Now, tell me, what other restaurants would go through this amount of effort to make sure their customers are happy? KUDOS Pizza Hut, hope you will continue to support us as we will support you!

ps- Don’t forget to join the contest! –

How to find Maju Junction Mall:

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