Latin-American Deli @ Shepherdoo Restaurant, CentroMall Klang

Looking for a decently priced Latin-American food that’s not too posh, yet not shabby at all? Look no further… then Klang! Lol I knew that’d hit you, but believe it or not, Klang now has The Shepherdoo Restaurant that has a beautifully designed interior in the inside, and a gorgeous exterior on the outside!


As you can see, it looks really contemporary. The indoor side is suitable for formal functions, with air-conditioner and an open kitchen! On the outside is like a Gabezo-styled dining area, where people chill with their snacks (Shepherdoo serves Curly Fries with their awesomely homemade sauce!) with a pint of beer, fresh!


What more can you ask for with these variety of draughts?


Anyway, we were seated inside within these plushy cushion in a soft, surreal environment. You can hardly tell that you’re in Klang!


We were given some mocktails to choose from. They were yummy, custom-made to suit a special taste that they are especially proud with. Shown here are the Passion Fruit Magarita @RM16.90 and Tequila Sunrise @RM16.50. I kinda forgotten my Mango Lassi but it was yummy!


Sour & Spicy Mexican Buffalo Wings @RM10.80 is actually made using the original recipe that currently others aren’t using. The Chef told us that it was meant to be a little more sour than what you get usually elsewhere in Malaysia. The Cucumber was meant to neutralize that flavour, and this very combination is supposed to add to the ZING of the dish. I felt it, but admittedly, it was something new to my tastebuds. Worth a try though!


The Patatas Bravas @RM8.80 fared better for me though. The fried potato drenched in sauce is actually quite flavourful, and the homemade lemon mayonnaise adds a zest to it all!


Typically you’d also find the Calamari @RM11.80 dish in this genre. Breaded ever so lightly, it doesn’t overpower the juicy pieces inside and hence, made to perfection.


The Quesadilla @RM10.80 are one of the many unique dishes available in Shepherdoo. Made of cheese and mushroom filling but surrounded in herby vineggerette sauce, it was truly a sensational experience to remember. A definite must try!


Of course, how could one ever forget the Mexican Pizza @RM8.80, and though it may look simple, it actually tasted very, very good. The texture was at most perfect as

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well, even BBO the famous food critic said so, hence it must be good!


Then of course there’s the all famous appetizer; the Nachos @RM11.80. Large enough to start for 4 people, it was a generous dose of avocado, mayo, tomato, tortilla chips among other dressings to appeal to our stomaches.


Gambas @RM12.80. Authentic, yummy, unique. Must try.


The pocket-friendly Latin American based Restaurant is a cross between fine dining and localised food and beverage. Started by two young entrepreneurs, we find that the team compromising of the waiters, the chefs and the managing guys all come from our very own local colleges such as Sunway and Taylors, all wanting to explore their own methods and ways to create both food and beverage without being limited by old chefs who seem to know-it-all elsewhere, and guess what?

I have to say they did it! Going through their dishes and drinks one will notice the vibrancy of the taste and the lengths they go through for every detailed dish, including their homemade sauces. For instance, the following dish:


The Latte. No kidding. Ok I’m kidding, this is really the Creamy Mushroom Soup @RM8.80 that LOOKS like a Latte, but breathes and smells perfectly like wild mushrooms, complete with a piece of garlic bread. So pretty damn yummy!


Now comes the burgers and pastas! This here is the famous Shepherdoo’s Gringo Burger @RM19.50. Every part of this burger is home-made, especially the patty; pounded, marinated and cooked to your liking. It is CRAZY Delicious! Try and taste it, oh, and don’t forget to dip into their unique mustard sauce to complete the taste!


This, is called the Song of the Sea @RM21.90. Why that name, you ask? Well, the Chef takes pride in naming his dishes because the recipe, is also his. And I have to say, eating this really feels like being in the sea; the soft, fresh salty breeze of the sea permeates from the dish, and taste really good too. Kudos!


Santa Pe Chicken Burger @RM18.50. Gorgeous, if you like sweet burgers.


Now remember what I said about the Chef taking delight in producing his own dishes? Well, introducing the Pasta ala Pollo @RM18.50, one of his most amazing creations. Just taking a look at it, I’m sure you are drooling non stop. Well people, it tastes EXACTLY like how you’d imagine it to taste just by looking at this picture. Beautiful spinach pasta creation it is!


Gourmet Fajitas @RM27.50, a definite in any Latin-American menu, is probably your best bet for a snack while watching football 😉


Oh, and did I say this was an overdued post? The tasting happened on my birthday, 19th November 2009, and when the Boss of the restaurant knew of it they prepared a cocktail just for me. I don’t know what it’s called but it was AMAZING, and apparently you can’t get this from the menu, so print out this page, point at it and let the Chef do the rest. Sloppychic mentioned this in her post, and I just wanted to say thanks yea!


I had to leave early, but they made me wait for at least on dessert.. and boy thankfully I did, otherwise I’d regret it so much! The Crispy Cinnamon Waffle @RM8.20 is to DIE for! Please, please, please bring me here again cause I’m dying for another round of the dessert, if not any of the food above as well. Haha.


Entrance- Forecourt, G Floor, Centro Mall,
No 8, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, 41300 Klang.
Contact No. 03-33415828 / 03-33445829

Anyway, this is the end of this post, and probably the last post of the year 2009. Thanks so much for visiting and putting up with me for so long, and in any case, I shall see you in the year of 2010, it can only get more exciting than this 😀

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