Cause they nice nice treat me good food, thanks to the people from Melium and, of course, ShazFX who recommended me!

Furthermore being at the concourse of Pavilion itself, the beautiful surrounding definitely lends to the amazing lighting and ambience which leads to better taste and feel…


Which allows me to take pictures like this. I LIKE! This one here is the HoneyComb Goldrush, blended and topped with big chunks of golden honeycomb chocolate!


Then there’s the original Coffee Twister: Blended with a shot each of espresso and chocolate as well as real, freshly roasted coffee beans. Topped with a light dusting of chocolate. Umm um.


My fav picture of all time, a medley of HoneyComb Goldrush, Coffee Twister, Chai Chiller (Blended with chai tea to create a unique clove, cinnamon and ginger taste sensation. Lightly dusted with cinnamon) and the all new DÔME Original Shake in banana flavour called the Banana Shake (how original lol!), so smooth and thick!


So there it was, Zues, Shaz and I snapping away while a thousand onlookers were probably trying to find out what we were up to lol! That’s also when I realised the best thing about my Panasonic Lumix G1’s Live View is soooo useful compared to these machines haha! 😛


Down to up also can shoot wooo hoo! Love my Lumix G1 <3 Ok food come liao!


These were our appetizers, starting with Vegetarian Bruschetta – Freshly toasted garlic bread, with fresh tomato, onion, garlic, herbs and fetta cheese topping. YUM!


Then we had some Sausage Rolls as well, which are chicken sausage rolled in puff pastry, served with tomato chutney. The sauce is awesomely awesome!


If you’re a big fan of Minestrone Soup, usually traditional chunky-style minestrone topped with croutons, you’ll love this. Served with fresh crusty bread.


Then comes the Club Sandwich. Allow me to describe the sandwich to you: Pesto chicken, spinach leaves, a layer of beef rasher, fresh tomato, mustard mayonnaise and tomato chutney between thick slices of toast. Served with chips.

Yes, pictures tell a thousand words, but sometimes even words can be used to take over the world 😉


Now, the Beef Lasagne blew me away! Love the texture and the flavour of this food made of Premium beef, chunky tomato, lashings of bechamel sauce and melted cheese. Served with salad!


The Grilled Chicken in Creamy Tumeric Sauce wasn’t my cup of tea, but apparently one of the best sellers in Dome. Try it out, they use chicken breasts marinated with herbs grilled and served with creamy tumeric sauce, sautéed vegetables and buttered rice.


Of course you can’t really go wrong with the Fish and Chips. This, however, was particularly crispy and fresh in the inside. I guess it’s all about quality control, no? These lightly battered fillets of fish served with fresh garden salad, chips and tartare sauce was certainly a delight to behold.


Then came Shaz’s all-time favourite dish called the Spicy Olio Pasta, which is your choice of spaghetti or linguini tossed with fresh herbs, garlic, chilli flakes, red capsicum, spinach, parsley and zucchini. Served with your choice of beef rasher or sliced chicken ham. Vegetarian is also an option. Reading or viewing this picture isn’t going to do any good, you have to TASTE it to find out why Shaz goes haywire and eats this EVERYTIME he’s at Dome!


This lady will be waitering you, a very, very nice and polite lady! After bringing out the main courses, we go to the last but best part of the day; the desserts.


Affogato. A double shot of espresso infusion poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Bliss. MUST TRY!

And last but not least… A stack of fluffy, thick pancakes served with berries, golden syrup and mascarpone cheese. Ice cream and extra Crème available on request. The Pancake Stack, not to be missed and perfect for tea!

Now the ones I show is part of 10 Iconic DÔME Classics list! Feel free to visit any Dome outlet located throughout Malaysia for more choices, you’ll be spoilt by them! DÔME Café,

Gives Unfortunate makeup nice do viagra for sale you from AMAZON individually weeks!

after all, is no stranger to most of us as this international chain was first started in Western Australia and it was then brought in and introduced in Malaysia by The Melium Group in 1995.

Today, DÔME Café Malaysia has manage to perpetuate the fine lineage to a total of 16 outlets- 12 in Klang Valley, 3 in Penang and 1 in Sabah. Thus, it is becoming the one-stop destination for Malaysian’s daily luxury café experience! Get yours now!

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