Fishing prawns is damn bloody cool, and you know it!

HOU YOU YENG AH! Now, that made me laugh like a Hyena as soon as I stopped by this particular place. It means “WOW, SO DAMN COOL AH” to the Bananas (don’t be insulted, I’m one too!) when in fact, this place is actually a PRAWN FARM for you to FISH, which will then later be barbequed for your own consumption.

What, you don’t find it cool? Beat it πŸ˜›


It all came about when a friend of ours, Adrian, said that the group of them went for prawn fishing and apparently, it builds a bond among friends, sort of like Band of Brothers. I got curious, and so did a few other of us, so we thought we should try it out! However some said “Isn’t that what uncles do?” and guess what… she was right. All mostly uncles there la haha!

P1090936 P1090937

It didn’t take us long before we got the hang of it, with at least one of us catching a minimum of 2 prawns! Actually, that’s the amount most of us caught in between 11.00pm and 2.00am hhahahaa! Some of us were terror la, can catch 6 pieces πŸ™‚


The uncles there were damn terror though. As much as they thought us how to catch, we couldn’t emulate their 2-minutes-1-prawn-catched technique! It’s like some super skill that we all wanted to learn lol. Anyway I thought we did well for first timers…. We heard some didn’t even catch a single one sitting there for 2 hours LOL!

P1090942 P1100003

In case we didn’t, though, I brought some sweets for us to chew on haha. Esther didn’t waste anytime in popping one in her mouth πŸ˜› Oh let me introduce this piece of hottie to you who I will be bringing around the next blogging event, after all, she blogs really well! Don’t believe me? Check out her blog πŸ˜‰


Oh and did I say I brought some Reese’s Buttercup too? Looks like someone was really happy being there eh? πŸ˜‰


The super fresh prawns that we caught being barbequed, such a sweet smell it makes my mouth water!


Esty fell in love with my camera while waiting for the food to come, so… she camwhored!


Or more like the camera loved her, she looks absolutely gorgeous here!


Ok stop drooling, just visit her blog at to say hi πŸ˜›


NOW MY TURN!! Am loving my freshly bbqed prawns, yum! πŸ˜€


Esty as well!




At the end of Β the day, it was about 4am in the morning when we retired back to visit the newest family member. Don’t you find him so adowable? hehe. Do you know what he is?



Until my next post, do keep visiting πŸ˜€

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