Tai Zi Heen Fashion, Food & Wine MIGF 09 Review

I was given an Exclusive Media Invitation for Tai Zi Heen Fashion, Food &

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Wine Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 09 Review thanks the great people in Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur via Big Boys Oven . Super lucky experience and definitely a very unforgettable one! 😀

Colourful gowns

Firstly we were shown the colourful dresses that was on sale in Carven Ong’s latest outlet here at Prince Hotel. One of my friends, Vi Vian commented that I could buy her heart with one of these dress. Her exact words were “if i can have just ONE of these gowns i would have been the happiest person in the world by now” ahahahha 😛

I guess one of these would reaaaaaally do the trick…

Carven Ong and colourful dress

And that’s the handsome Carven Ong, Fashion Extraordinaire! Didn’t take more pics from the fashion part cause I arrived late, but suffice to say it was nothing much butsplendid 🙂

chef and door to tai zee hin

Two of Carven’s models dressed in sexy cheong sam greeted us by Tai Zi Heen’s entrance. It’s been done up so nicely for the MIGF 2009! Standing next to them is Chef DJ who is the boss around here, and also Chinese Master Chef Ricky Thein who is responsible for the cuisine submitted to MIGF 2009!

Carven Ong and special dress

Greeting us inside is Carven’s specially made dress to suit the Cantonese cuisine influenced combination for the occasion.

dinner table

As we entered we were greeted by a luxuriously decorated table and seats, which made us feel like VIPs. Man they really do know how to be elegant and classy!


We were also told that our tasting session would be perfectly complemented by wine recommended by Pernod Ricard Malaysia. Both red and wine from the reserves were served along with the food, as pictured below!


The Chinese Master Chef Ricky Thein now presents his special MIGF 2009 innovations, starting with the appetizer menu:

Wok-fried prawn with Asian tomato & black sesame dressing – this was amazingly tantalizing, leaving a tangy taste in your mouth

Crispy yam puff with foie gras & minced chicken – I believed it melted in my mouth, many classes above our average dim sum

Steamed cod dumpling with crabmeat glaze – Obviously smooth and silky, with a subtle hint of seafood sweetness

Shredded beef with dried tangerine peel – Uniquely flavoured, not for everyone, definitely new to me!

*Served with Jacob’s Creek Reserve Riesling


A duo of duckling & organic yin choy broths with sun-dried seafood, prawn & hairy gourd was served next. The fine texture difference between the broths made for an interesting experience like no other. With the density difference between them, one could actually separate the flavours dancing around the tongue, while at the same time appreciating both of them together like a harmonic wave. The scallops, prawns and hairy gourd were bonuses to the soup!


We then had a choice between two main dishes. Honey & soya baked salmon with fragrant crab roe, soya beans, broad beans, honshimeji mushrooms & wolfberry sauce – well, what can I say? It was truly a master play of the various colours, flavours, seasoning and without doubt, perfect baking. Even the stick keeping the fillets together is made of wheat with black sesame seeds stuck on them, lending a little more taste to the incredible dish. Nothing was left on the plate at the end of the day, not even the uniquely sweet wolfberry sauce!


I also got to try the Citrus marinated rack of lamb roasted with white sesame seeds, wok-fried baby cabbage, fresh lily bulbs & a spicy minted plum sauce. Served as it is, there was no need for any additional seasoning unlike other lamb dishes. The succulent lamb pieces are marinated in a coat of citrus seasoning which isn’t too overpowering to the natural sweetness of the juicy lamb racks. The spicy minted plum sauce practically lent an intense flavour to the dish as a whole! This went beautifully with Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz 😉

Dan mee with soy-braised beef, carrots, radish & leek topped with a splash of red wine was served after the main dish, meaning to be a light end towards the dessert, a typical custom in Hong Kong styled culinary arts. (This is usually when the Lou Mai Kai is served in a typical 8 course meal) The Crispy noodles were a perfect wrap for the juicy soy-braised beef hidden within it like a gem. Doused in the spoon of red wine, the dish becomes a sublime flavour to experience.


Tai Zi Heen Dessert Dim Sum to end Chef Ricky Thein’s MIGF 2009 selection:
Vanilla ice cream with fresh mango puree, sago & pomelo – Soothing to the throat after a heavy course
Chocolate whisky siew mai – Lends a sweet ending to the savoury dishes
Crispy water chestnut spring roll – Never goes wrong.


But my day at Tai Zi Heen wi
ll never end until I’ve had their Guo Ling Gou. Isn’t it the most remarkable, tasty looking dessert you’ve ever seen in your life? Note: this wasn’t part of Chef Ricky’s menu but by my own personal request. You MUST try it!

carven ong and chef

So that was the end of our tasting session. Phototaking session ensues and it starts with our own Chef Ricky with Carven Ong and his girls!

DJ and others

Ah Bok and Jess my fav photog was here as well, sandwiching Chef DJ 😉

The bunch of us at Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur 😀

In this photo: Sunny Yaw, Ken Chan, Chris Spinzer Tock, Sidney Kan, Xin, Witch, Ah Bok, Jessica Tan, Rachel Ting, Wilson Ng

There are more photos, but since this is already an extra long post you may view it here! To know more about MIGF 2009 go here, and you may try this out yourself by visiting Prince Hotel yourself, with the following address given below:

Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur
4 Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur, 50450
Tel: 03-2170-8888

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