My Ogawa Experience

There was a waiter in a bar,
The waiter had a scar,
If you want to be a star,
It’s all thanks to Ogawa.


The gorgeous ScorpiosmyHorng . TeyCindy . Chris Tock . 19th, 20th and 21st!



Vvens, Simon Seow and Yatz feeding on yummy TGIF food thanks to Ogawa!



White fish. Lamb. Melikey.



Saimatkong, Yatzie, Vvens and Zues sitting at the other table while Zack, JJR and WenPink right behind them πŸ™‚



We went session by session so we were first to go. Everyone quickly put their asses down haha!



Which includes Nicole Kiss of course. She then tried out the game console but failed badly 😑 hehe j/k la!



Think TeyCindy did better. She looks a lot happier lol!



Carol and Wingz were all just stoning around Sixthseal who, quite frankly, was having his own orgasm at the latest massage chair dubbed the Zero Gravity!



It DEFIES gravity, or so they say. Look at him key in commands into the input board. Crazy stuff!



Nevertheless the girls found something they loved. This one here is called the Eyetune which some managed to take home as prizes. I thought it fitted TeyCindy perfectly and at RM600+ it should be a great buy (comes with infrared technology among other massaging features)


P1190459 P1190465

The white one that Carol was wearing is something else altogether but isn’t as cool or functional as the EyeTune. Here the girls seems to be having fun with the massaging equipments lol. I personaly think they look like the characters in Final Fantasy X-II!!


P1190468 P1190472

Pinkpau soon joined the fun, while Sixthseal seems to be having other kind of thoughts lol!


P1190471 P1190478

So adorable! Coming straight from work I guess she’s got a lot of pent-up stress to neatralize by being silly eh? hahhaha loved every moment πŸ™‚


P1190479 P1190483

Sure. πŸ™‚



Ogawa. At Pavilion. If you want to give it a try, do visit their store and their staff would be most kind enough to show you around. Including experiencing their Zero-Gravity massage chair!



And of course it’s all thanks to Nuffnang for the exclusive invitation πŸ™‚



The last one to laugh: Shaolintiger who beat us to winning the EyeTune. ARGH!



Pam Song and Yapthomas can’t get their hands off each other. ROTFLMAO! (this one learn from my boss STP one) Kidding la. Pam Song really greedy trying to steal all of Yapthomas’s gift bags πŸ˜›


The end and sleeping time for me, hope I’ll be dreaming of winning my very own Ogawa massage chairs soon enough, been missing the sexperience long enough ;D

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