Panasonic Lumix Marine Case Launch @ Luna Bar

Sigh. So depressed over MJ’s Memorial. No words can find me now. Caption and pictures, sorry.


Such a beautiful ambience at Luna Bar, many thanks to Jen Ni of Panasonic to exclusively invite me along with a few others! πŸ˜€



As we arrived, we were presented with our gift packs that contained exclusive items including a very expensive Parker Pen.. I’m starting to feel so privileged for the experience T_T



Hikaru, Yatz (view his experience here!) and I going through the registration process, and then getting our tags.



As we enter we were treated to an audience of retail investors, shop owners, distributors and VIPs. We were probably the youngest people here, apart from the beautiful models in swimwear that is.



The stage was masterfully done, I loved it! Gives me ideas the next time I plan for something as exclusive πŸ˜›



The real reason we were here was to witness the launch of new Lumix Marine Casings, specifically for four main models! This (DMW-MCFT1E) was for the FT1, and boy was I amazed at the look and feel of it!



The DMW-MCFX40E fits the FX48 perfectly, yet another handy casing to have for FX48 owners!



The more expensive option for a better camera was the Lumix TZ7, which sports the casing model DMW-MCTZ7E. This camera takes serious pictures!



But of course, none of the camera can match up to my Lumix LX series. The one I use to take these shots is my current beau, the Lumix LX2. However the showcased model, NAUTILUS LX3, is for the LX3 and I can’t wait to get my hands on them (soon hopefully!). Jen Ni introduced me to her big big boss, Mr Onishi, who I hope will invite me to their next event, an the underwater adventure for Lumix Divers (LIKE ME!!) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



Anyway, of course the models in swimming suits paraded themselves the camera and its respective casings by showing that it can stand up to 40 meters under water (that’s deep!)



We were also served food and tidbits, Panasonic’s hospitality is top notch πŸ™‚



In between we were told to help ourselves to the games. Here’s Jen Ni watching out for Howard U and Rames playing the “Rate the Pictures” game.



We weren’t the only one playing. The media section had their own session as well.



Buaya Yatz was, however, practicing to shoot the bikini clad girls hanging up at the foyer πŸ˜›



But I don’t blame him for doing so. They were hot πŸ˜›



Heck, Rames couldn’t even help himself haha! He didn’t just stop here, he even got this taken after looking for the girls:

Taken from his blog (read about his experience here!) πŸ˜›



There were plenty of great underwater shots. It made my blood boil for another diving adventure, which I really hope I can get. Mr Onishi please? haha!



The night ended with a series of games, which Rames gladly took part in. Here he did a little dance thingamajig, to which he won a… Thermos πŸ˜› HAHA!



A group picture taken with all of us invited bloggers, with the woman herself in the middle! Thank Jen Ni!

After this, it’s a series of pictures showing off my Lumix LX2’s true capabilities.





It was truly a great experience, and me being a Panasonic Lumix fan, it felt great to be there. I was showing off my LX2 everywhere and a lot were surprised and supportive of my passion πŸ˜›



The look from the stand at Luna Bar. How grand. Saw quite a few celebs around while hanging out like Belinda Chee and the likes of TV hosts etc, but at the end of the day, I can’t help feeling that us bloggers are getting what we deserve. Go us!

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