Sentul Ah Yap Charcoal Hokkien Mee @ D'sara Uptown

It was a fine day when I thought of making a mini food trip, and hence I arranged for the little bunch of us to go out from morning till night. We went to Yut Kee first in the morning for some Roti Babi and some Roast Pork specialty thingie, courtesy of my cousin, then later I dropped the girls down at 1 Utama as I went for my first facial ever (another post for another day!) and later on we met again for dinner in this restaurant which looked pretty new, situated right beside the apparently Famous Hokkien Mee restaurant.

(I thought the name of the restaurant was too long for my taste though!)


The first thing I took notice of in the menu was its specialty drink. Once I saw the word Cucumber with Assam Jawa, my health conscious told me it would be something great, detoxifying and fresh. I wasn’t disappointed at all, not only did the taste rock, just by looking at it you really wish you’re having one right now this instant πŸ˜€



The girls (Kylie and Karen) meanwhile ordered Ice Lemon Tea, and they came in really tall glasses that looked really nice, both in pictures and in real life.



We didn’t wait that long for our food to arrive, which was a pretty decent selection. The kitchen is clean, the ambiance bright and simple and the crowd, although packed, felt very homely here.



First up was Chicken in Butter gravy, which didn’t turn out quite like how we expected it to. Fortunately for us, it was something really really savoury and delicious! Every morsel was as tasty as the next and you won’t ever get bored eating it alone, or with rice!



We ordered a dish we’ve never seen anywhere else. When it came, we weren’t that surprised, but it was pretty…. darn good πŸ˜›



So what is it really? It’s called “Rice with Gravy” or something to that extent. “Mun Fan” for the chinese. It taste exactly like the Hor Fun sauce but just replace the noodles with the rice, and yet, I sort of loved the outcome πŸ˜€ At RM6 for a small portion that can feed two I thought it was well priced too πŸ™‚



Then we also had the Yin Yong Pai Guat, which is basically Pork Ribs in twin sauces. Each sauce was unique and each morsel of pork ribs contained enough tastiness to completely blast your taste buds. Maybe a little overpowering so it’s best eaten with rice!



We also had Bittergourd egg as our vegetable dish (healthy diet right?) which makes up a complete meal for 3. Total amounted to about RM35 which means around RM11+ per person, so I thought it wasn’t too bad now was it?Β  At least for a yummylicious dinner!



Click for a larger size of the menu, but I completely forgot to take the other side which contains the food menu πŸ™



This is where the restaurant is located. Just circle the inner square of SS2 and it’s right at the corner near The Famous Hokkien Mee Store

So that was the scrumptious dinner we had and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves πŸ™‚ Tell us if you’ve been there or are going there, we don’t mind joining you guys again!


On an unrelated note, this picture is to symbolize the breaking of the Malaysian Guinness Record of having the most number of bloggers attending a mamak session in Murni, SS2. WOO HOO!

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