Top 100 Bloggers in Malaysia – I'm a Standout in Life, NOT

This was supposed to be an entry for the “I’m a Standout in Life” by Tiger Beer and Nuffnang but I decided to put myself in a position where I DON’T standout… at least when compared to the top 100 bloggers in Malaysia which Adi Wong, a prolific blogger at, produced through his self-written automated script (still in the works, looks to me as if he’s constantly reviewing it to get the perfect balance between Technorati and Alexa rankings for better results)

These are the top 10 along with some stats back in 2007 from *click to enlarge*

The last time I done a search on this for various purposes, the only source out there that seemed reliable was found at Sabahan’s blog, which talks about the top 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia (2007). Apart from that, this is the first time a realistic effort is being done to create a dynamic ranking system in which those who are interested can improve their ranks, for whatever their reasons, all thanks to Adi.

Let’s view our current top 10 in the Malaysian blogosphere, shall we?

1. Hong Kiat — Design & Tech
2. Kenny Sia — Lifestyle
3. Paul Tan — Automotive
4. Raymond.CC — Tech
5. Anwar Ibrahim — Politics
6. Lim Kit Siang — Politics
7. — Mixed
8. Jeff Ooi — Politics
9. LiewCF — Tech & Lifestyle
10. — Lifestyle

So what do you think then? The categories are not labeled in Adi’s system but I do think it’ll be an interesting addition to it, so that we can also filter the list by categories if we want to, to shortlist the top 10 for example by category. Adi, possible? If so how can we help?


One thing comes to mind after reading one of LiewCF’s commentator at his post, who said that some of these blogs are rubbish and that they gain traffic through linking their site at “blog communities” and such. I totally disagree on that, because if that were the case there will be many rubbish blogs who will have high traffic, simply by posting their URLs in every place they can find, including blogs, forums and community sites. However from the top 10 list, some of which I know personally, it is very apparent that each of them have their unique styles and content based on the category they are listed in, which is why they truly deserve to be top 10.


With a 5 digit feedburner figure, I don’t think it leaves much room for doubt *click to enlarge*

Of course sometimes we won’t know who they are, for instance, a friend of mine asked who the heck is Hong Kiat and why is he so popiuler. Geeks will all know of his site (which honestly, do make up most of the online population in Malaysia lol) because of the tips and tricks he writes, especially on WordPress-related issues (I go to his site for wordpress theme suggestions), but others who does not have interest in these things will not know of him. Maybe the commentator thinks of these as rubbish, because it does not relate to him or her, at least that’s what I think.


Cheesie herself has more than 1000 subcribers… so how many hits does she have daily? *click to enlarge*

After taking a look at the list, I pleasantly noted a few familiar names like my ex-wife Suanie (57), Timothy(19), FriedBeef (24), KY (20) and ST (22) just to name a few and well, they really deserve to be there. Of course Cheesie, Kenny and PaulTan are obviously doing quite well with what they do to be at the Top 10. As for the politicians, their names alone are enough to send shivers down your spine, so it’s no surprise we see them there.

But what about others such as or FourFeetNine, Suet Li’s’ or even NicoleKiss? I know they are all lifestyle bloggers (and pretty to boot) but I’m betting their hits should be somewhere at the Top 100, so why the missing links? It’ll be interesting as more blogs get inserted into the system for review, as Adi would probably be getting many requests as he’d mentioned in his post. Who knows what it might come up with?


In any case, like I said this post was supposed to be for the I’m a Standout in Life event, but somehow or rather I got sidetracked and did this instead. Anyhoo, if you guys are going, and if I did receive invites (any offers?) I’ll see you there. If not, there’s always Terminator Salvation tomorrow *grins*

Lastly, if you guys have any thoughts on this, do let me know. Maybe I’ll pass this on to Julian Hopkins for his research, this seems like a useful tool for him. Once again check it out here and see if you are listed in the top 100 blogs in Malaysia!

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