Live with Chivalry by Chivas @ Euphoria

Some time back I had the privilege to be invited to Chivas Regal’s grand launch, dubbed the “Live with Chivalry” campaign. It was held at Euphoria, Sunway (brought to you by the Ministry of Sound, UK). The event oozes with exquisite class and so I invited Katherine along, who didn’t even hesitate to pass up this chance. This was also before the next event that I was given a chance to attend, which is by Joanne Kam feat. Daphne Iking, thanks to Zain from RA.


When we arrived, we were greeted by the press, promoter ladies in their sexy outfits, horses with their models sitting like statues on top and the fire breathing clan which I managed to take a good picture of, thanks to my Lumix LX2!



Even the horses look so regal with Chivas stamped over it. I wonder if I should get myself stamped to. Do you think if it would work?



Here you can see the fire-breathing man doing his stunt. Something tells me he’s one of the only few talents out there who can pull of really daring stunts, so when you see his face, he’ll look hauntingly familiar which I believe is because he’s probably being hired everyhere!

David Jong here is our colleague, but he ain’t no ordinary man, no no, he’s one of the 40 CLEO’s most eligible bachelor of 2009! Go vote for him cause he’s all worth it, and I can even set him up to whoever’s interested *winks* Can’t you see the awesome sense of style he exudes while signing the Chivas poster? πŸ˜›


P1130126 P1130130

Katherine and I signed as well, and it felt so surreal because others who signed on this are also from the list of the top 100 people you must know in Malaysia. Maybe all three of us will get there soon HAHA



The event was very quiet in the beginning, with people starting to pour in a lot later. I think it was mostly due to the slight drizzle outside, and the jam that was created from it. But when it commenced, we were all caught in awe as the DJ started to spin his hits while the laser lights display mesmerized us.



So who else could we have bumped to if not the happening group consisting of Rachel Haw, Suanie, KY and Horng? These people weren’t only guests for the event, they were invited VIPs hence they get to go upstairs into the VIP area. Cis, beeches. (surprisingly ang moh didn’t go)



But it was okay, I was with stunning Kat who turned lots of heads as she passes through the crowd, and the official photographers could not help but to take her picture. Well then again she attract a lot of that in events I bring her too. Best part is that she’s very humble despite all the attention, and that’s what truly makes her beautiful πŸ˜€



My hooligans cum golf kaki, although since one has a girlfriend now and can only be found in Ozzie, while the other suffered a little accident with his car, I’ve virtually stopped golfing and it sucks!



Look at the lights go! You can even see some people trying to reach the lights and the ones on the left managed to break through the horizon!


P1130152 P1130158

Some really talented musicians came up and really outperformed other groups. This particular group consisted of a turntable DJ, an electric guitarist, a native drummer and a voilinist. Needless to say they were uber cool and got the mood really hyped up!



Some weird characters clad in impossible outfits danced along with the crowd, which made it all the more crazier. These people really know how to organize parties, so a great kudos to them!



Unfortunately we had another event to go for so we left around 10.30pm, though very, very trudgingly so. If it weren’t for our souveniers that became at least a compensation to remember this awesome event by, it would have been very hard to leave. This was taken at the hotel where we parked.



Just to clarify, before you comment on how short I am, take a look at the angles okay!



One of our souveniers. πŸ™‚



To Brotherhood!

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