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Oysters. Yes, it is a known aphrodisiac, but that’s not what you’re coming to this lovely little restaurant for! Situated at Jalan Genting Klang, KL, Best One Noodle House isn’t really far from the city, and in full view from the main road leading towards MRR2 from Bulatan Pahang, it’s not very hard to miss! The restaurant focuses on health and fresh seafood, which was something I have been looking for these few days in conjunction with the World Health Awareness month of 2009.


oyster soup

The deliciously fresh looking oyster came from one of the restaurant’s specialty called the Oyster soup, served in premium broth. Vegetables and oysters make up the main ingredients of the soup to give a surprisingly tasty and sweet soup that warms your body well in this recently cold weather.


superior seafood

I ordered the Seafood Noodles in Premium soup which is one of the more expensive dishes found in the restaurant at RM13. I later found the dish to be worth it with their generous amount of assorted seafood including clams, scallops, mussels and oysters, seaweed and assorted balls topped with a huge prawn enough to whet your appetite. The broth may have been a little salty to my liking, but it was certainly rich with flavours, not lacking at the savoury department at all!



We also had porridge (they had a very wide selection of porridge choices!) that were all too tempting to choose from, so much so that I’d forgotten what we had! I didn’t really have a good go at it but I should think it was boiled with the very same seafood broth and hence, should be mighty tasty as well.



Other dishes we had were Chicken Rice (sold in a separate stall but located just outside this restaurant) and this plate of vegetable, which was pretty decent, though it can’t quite be compared to my all-time favourite at Fatty Crab. For some reason though the dishes and the ingredients may be same or similar, I do believe every restaurant has a unique style of cooking vegetables which is why I am constantly in search for the best ones out there.



As we entered the restaurant there is no way to avoid taking a look at the well-placed selection of seafood choices, no thanks to the beautiful flourish of colours making it ever so appealing to our taste buds. Spoilt with a number of choices, you can now see why we’re certain to come back and visit the restaurant.


glass area

Yet another factor that contributes to the restaurant’s “healthy” image is the fact that you do not see closed up, smoky kitchen area whereby you’ll never know what kind of dirt goes into your food. This transparent glassy interior which hides the kitchen counter behind it speaks a lot for the cleanliness of this restaurant. The ambience, great service from the waiters (though they did initially forgot to provide us chilli, but was then reprimanded by their boss), air conditioned room and bright lights helped to complete it.



There you go, a look at the store from the outside. It cannot be missed at all. Touting itself as the Best One Noodle House, and serving decently cheap prices for the varied seafood selection, I would certainly come back again, if I ever want to eat with health and cleanliness in mind. In fact what would I give right now to see the sumptious selection of seafood again?


close up on selection



On a completely DIFFERENT note, do check out RA’s latest initiative in organizing an upcoming global affair phenomenon in conjunction with the World Pillow Fight Day called the Corntoz Pillow Fight!

corntoz poster



Along with more than 60 other cities, KL’s very own Pillow Fight will happen at a secret location only to be revealed at RA’s website at on the 2nd of April (TOMORROW!) 2009 by Zain HD (pic) at 2.00pm.

The event itself will happen at 4pm on the 4th of April 2009, which lies on the same date as Nuffnang’s Maxis Musicon Bash but who says you can’t be going for both! (Well, I am!)

I’m looking forward to see you all there!

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