Decanter Too @ Hartamas with Clem

decanter mat

Clem and I had to meet up before he leaves to further his studies in Australia. No, it wasn’t because we were close buddies and haven’t seen each other for ages. Neither was it due to the fact that we contact each other only during random times when we need to speak about some unspeakable things. The two reasons above cannot even start explaining how we’ve gotten close to one another.

In fact, it was simply because we had to. And that’s a good enough reason for me πŸ™‚


bottles galore

So we took some time off to fix a date at one of his all-time favourite dinner place, called Decanter Too. Decanter is actually a device to hold the decantation of a liquid with sediments (such as wine) so I guess the elegant and classy theme suits this place pretty well as you can see above.


flowerful clem

Though we started off pretty late, no thanks to Clem’s inadequateness in fully utilizing the technology of his GPS system which managed to detour him into 2 other Decanter branches before finding the right one, the atmosphere became almost pleasant as we step foot into the dainty bar. Reliving the episode did well to spark a humourous setting, while the flowers placed on the table made us feel that it would have been lovely romantic if we each brought our own loved ones respectively πŸ™‚


sideview profile

It was only when he took out his humoungous DSLR that I woke out of my dream and realised that we were here for a few specific reasons. One of which is, of course, to review this place we were in.

As for the other, it’s really a secret between us πŸ˜‰


front assault

No, it wasn’t for him to shoot me. Though this picture is, quite honestly, very intimidating lol.



Of course we had help from his Gorillapod for certain shots that needed to be stable, as the lighting within the precinct was neither too bright nor too dim so a little bit of exposure could certainly be useful.


potrait shot of clem and table

Kinda like this picture taken here. Wouldn’t you agree that my Lumix LX2 takes simply gorgeous pictures? πŸ˜€



Taking a look around, one of the place’s prominent place of interest would be at the bar. I really think it’s well designed, the placement of furnitures, the orientation of the taps, the decor surrounding it… it certainly was an eye pleaser in more ways than one πŸ˜‰



Here you can see how the lighting here was midtoned, hence the dark features on myself but bright where the bar is. It also shows how Clem is clueless on operating my camera by not focusing on me lol.


fried lamb and sauteed onion

Our food came. Our choices for appetisers were the Fried Lamb that cost RM12 together with the Sauteed Onions that costed RM6. Unfortunately the Fried Lamb didn’t turn out the way we expected it to be; it was a little too much on the spicy side against our preference. The Sauteed Onions however were delicious. Then again, you can’t really go wrong with that, can you?


clem's chicken cohp

Clem’s main meal came, and it was the same meal he had the first time he was here. This was his second. Guessed he really loved the Hainanese Chicken Chop which cost around RM16. Pictures doesn’t do it justice, but I thought it tasted fine.


my bbq chicken chop

Well at least it was better than my BBQ Chicken Chop which was one of the specialties for the day. Once again Decanter has a knack at surprising her customers by giving the most unexpected looking dishes from what we thought it was going to be. To me, it looks and even tastes more like Chilli Chicken Chop, which I think most of you would have expected from the pictures anyway. Nevertheless it tasted OK and cheap as well at RM16


no flash

As usual we would be taking pictures of our food before tearing it apart and I suddenly remembered one side project that I gave a thought about, thanks to this uncanny ability of mine to catch the flash in action within a split second.

So the above is one without flash.


And this is just when the flash was, er, well, flashed πŸ˜‰

Doesn’t it give of a cool effect on the subjects, as well as an amazing feel to the photographer shining brilliantly? lol


happy clem!

All in all, the food, ambience and the amazing company made this night a truly memorable night to remember. Along with other quirks that happened in between these times as well which had to do with a certain toilet break, but that’s another story for another time πŸ˜‰

You can catch Clem’s story by clicking here. His photos are amazing too, so maybe it’d do Decanter more justice than I could ever dream of doing. In fact he loves the place so much he even brought family here to celebrate his mother’s birthday!


beautiful lounge

I really wouldn’t mind giving this place another visit, thanks to the unpricey items on the menu despite the classy and elegant feel of the place. It’s also situated strategically close to the junction at Hartamas, located in a special commercial square facing the main road, so despite Clem’s inability to get his directions right, it is really hard not to miss this place!

And then this time I’d be reserving the sofa area instead, because it’d make me feel like a prince. Now I just need to fill in the spaces with my throng of servants πŸ˜‰

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  • omg that is such a cooooooool shot of me! (2nd last pic.) will bug you on MSN later to send it to me.. ’cause I’m in need of a new profile photo wtf (the problem is i take so many photos of others but not of myself.. so when it comes to my own photos my selection is incredibly limited..). the bane of photographers huhuhu.

    yes i know.. i’m hopeless in operating your camera T___T tak biasalah lumix. but eh i’m totally in lovee with its wide-angle, i think if i’m in need of a new compact, i’ll get it! the new model is waterproof and all!

    i swear it’s not my ‘inadequacy’ of using my GPS if my GPS has ‘Decanter 2’ listed, and it’s perfectly normal for other people to think it would stand for ‘Decanter Too’! =(

    let’s meet up again one more time before july.. (or multiple times for that matter wtf). the next round.. decision on where to go will be on you k! πŸ˜€ ’cause if you ask me where to go again i’d say Decanter Too *coughcough

  • Haha…just the right moment to borrow the flash.

    Yea, agree agree. Your lumix is not bad man. But still, the photographer matters…

    so Clem has to work out on how to self shoot with his DSLR then ahha…

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