Nick Chay's CNY Open House

WARNING: Creating this entry before having breakfast has caused me serious internal damage, eternal stomach growling and pains together with loss of water through drool. Please proceed with caution

Nicholas decided one day that he wanted to show off his father’s awesome cooking that he’s been telling us about, and fortunately for us the fateful day came. It was to be a small group gathering filled with food, mahjong and poker cards, just the way I like it πŸ˜€

HB following car

Huai Bin wasn’t sure where his house was in Desa Park City, and since I had the privilege to accompany Nicholas home once for some skiiing session (wtf) I offered to guide him there and so he came to my house to tailgate my car. It was pretty darn funny cause he turned on his emergency lights all the way while tailgating, making me look like the leading car wherelse he was the VIP being chauffered around. Guess HB always has his special way of doing things out of the ordinary eh? πŸ˜‰


homemade springroll

Needless to say as soon as we arrived, Nick’s mom threw her best hospitability skills which were awesome and made us feel at home, which wasn’t hard cause all she had to do was to push them beautiful and aromatic dishes our way and made us melt. This Homemade Spring Roll was one of them, and I have to tell you it’s one of the tastiest springroll I’ve eaten for some time!


father made curry!

But the dish-of-the-day was actually the Chay’s Chicken Curry which was also made by Nick’s father! Apparently his pride and joy, the curry which was not so often made is tantalisingly delicious, and what’s more, it wasn’t made with santan so that those who face obesity issues or suffers from IBS will get to taste it! Unfortunately I couldn’t tell what he substituted it for, until I was told by Auntie that Uncle used evaporated milk and it all suddenly made sense πŸ™‚


prawns in salted egg yolk

I think this was the Fried Prawns in Salted Egg Yolk, because that was how I remembered the dish. Needless to say every bite was crisp and done in all tastefulness, leaving you no other desire than to want more of it.


roast duck!

Of course the Golden Roasted Duck is a must, giving a variety of dishes to choose from. Nick’s parents really did so much for the bunch of us!


glutinous rice

Finally came the Sesame Glutinous Rice, which came with a somewhat heavy aroma of sesame seed oil which I adore. Though admittedly it was a little hard, no thanks to taking them out of the steamer far too early so that the moisture dried up, we still had it because it went so very well with the curry. What a perfect combination!


all thumbs up (Andrew, chay and HB)

Andrew was already there when Huai Bin and I arrived, so the first batch who had the scrumptious meal was the 3 of us plus Nick’s friend and mom! Auntie didn’t even allow us to be shy, telling us that there’s many more where it came from. How could we resist? Thumbs up from all to Auntie and Uncle Chay!


display menu

I repeat: H-o-w c-o-u-l-d w-e r-e-s-i-s-t!


meeh oon!

Oh before I forget, there was this huuuuuuuge portion of Heavenly Fried Mee Hoon right smack in the middle of the table. How la, my diet routine has been destroyed forever!


my plate

I was so shy, my first session consisted of the following few dishes on my plate. I think my “shyness” left me when I found out Auntie had many more food at the back of the kitchen πŸ˜›



And of course, how could I not bring Shitzoe to happy events like these? Say Hi to Shitzoe everyone!


the rest came to gamble

After having our lunch of the century (I’m not exaggerating, I think the food could have lasted us THAT long lol) the bunch of us started playing cards, while the second batch of guests came, including KY, Cheesie, Suanie, Mellissa, Tzia, Yee Hou, Deb Fong (here’s her version!) and my darling Firdy.


All in all we had a blast of a gambling session with constant flow of drinks thanks to the Chay family, and eventually left in groups. Thank you Nicholas Chay, my ever loving shirt tuck-out, not-so-hamsap hensem guy who I admire a lot and one of the better badminton players I’ve met, for inviting me to your little party πŸ˜€

Anyway Firdy and I were the last to leave and with that, it marked another end of the Chinese New Year of 2009 πŸ™‚

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