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Some time ago Ringo and I went to Pavilion for a taste a fusion of Chinese, Japanese and Taiwan cuisine at DainTi Hill, located on the 6th floor of Pavilion, a place for many gastronomic adventures (though also quite taxing to the wallet!)

tall cheesie

She was just out from some make-up do and looking gorgeous as ever (and in this picture, she looks so much taller!) so there were no surprises when I noticed some head turns coming from guys and girls who’d come our way.



The place looks beautiful as you can see, striking a futuristic ambience between the shadows and glowing lights, the contrast apparent to those who enter the premises. Truly a masterpiece to behold while waiting for the food to come!



I heard lots about this little pumpkin dish, despite it being served cold. The texture was highly interesting, porous in the inside to create a spongy-like feel while not being too thick, and yet coming of as smooth as cream. The taste would be heavenly to pumpkin lovers, we both certainly liked it.



Then came the soup. I think if it wasn’t for the appetizing style of the which it was served, the soup wouldn’t have lived up to its standard. It was okay though, a really pretty thing to look at. We were fascinated by it for a while before our next dish came with a sizzle…


pork slice rice

Slices of sizzling pork on top of white japanese rice, all hissing inside the hot stone bowl (it was really hot!) seem to create a heavenly illusion to the whole experience. No words were needed to describe the savoury aromy arising from the steaming pot of marinated sizzling pork strips in curry, as if they were meant to induce pools of drools within our mouth.


cheesie eating rice

Ringo didn’t hesitate anymore and digged in. The portion was pretty decent and hence we shared it between the both of us.



While waiting for my turn, I had the opportunity to check out the quirkiness of the design in DainTi Hill, and fully appreciate the beauty of its intrinsic design. Being an interior designer myself (just a hobby, not pro at all) I thought I would learn a bit or two by the creativity shown in its different sections of the restaurant. You can view more pictures by visiting here.



We opted for dessert ice-cream as it looked really good from the menu. Choosing between red bean and mango, we decided to go for fruits to end the night, though later I quite wished we had had gone for the red beans instead. It came as appetizing as it looked from the menu, and tasted as sweet too! In fact I had mine with extra sugar water that was provided in a separate dainty jug.


cheesie eating icec ream

Ringo didn’t really like it as she was more into savoury food than sweets. That didn’t stop her though, and though we couldn’t finish the ice shavings, all pieces of mango were eaten away as well as its core (also stuffed with more mango goodness!)


And that was really it! The price was a little hefty with the small number of dishes but I would have guessed any restaurants situated on the 6th floor would have similar pricing. All in all the ambience and styling of the food was excellent, though the taste didn’t quite measure up to par, gives it a rating approval from Christopher Tock of 7/10!

Watch Out Malaysia!


Even the Gutterpost blog that withstood Edison Chen’s infamous scandal is now affected by Elizabeth Wong’s nude picture hype (which I believe is overrated, and is NOT a scandal in the first place anyway).

This goes to show how much the world is taking notice on this despicable turn of events happening only in Malaysia, my dearly beloved country.

Click here from a quote excerpt used by Times.com and read this for a fantastic say pertaining to this piece of disappointing news.


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