Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen (Chicken & Seafood) @ Taman Tun

Southern Fried Prawn

If there was anything that could match Bubbagum’s signature shrimp dishes, without the hefty cost and all, this would be it. And if the shrimps were already this good, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen is more so famed for its Southern Fried Chicken, according to a friend who resides in the US. This fast food concept restaurant is however new in town, opening to the public just a mere 24 hours ago much to the delights of TTDI residents.

It just so happen that I was blessed to be invited as one of the test tasters for a private function last Sunday. Go me πŸ˜›


One prawn

Among the variety of food they serve, I personally liked the shrimps the most. Each bite-sized morsel is a tasty piece of bouncing flesh, without too much batter just to make it look big.


prawn peeled

Peeling off the fried better outing, you can see the freshness of the shrimps themselves. I don’t think there is any need to describe the springy-looking, succulent shrimp in greater detail. Firm and bouncy, each bite is truly a delight to be salvaged.


Southern Fried Chicken

My, how I’ve missed my fix of Southern Fried Chicken! Back in my London days, I used to have this fix every now and then for SFC thanks to its really cheap price and it’s always guaranteed to be tasty! Definitely a must try, very different compared to KFC’s or McD’s! I think the mix of herbs partly attributes to the sinful taste, though I can’t really be sure… They do keep their seasonings a secret πŸ˜›


half eaten chicken

A bite of my drumstick shows the tenderness of the flesh, just how I like it; so juicy and tasty that a combo set just isn’t enough to satisfy you. I thought it was a tad salty but as I remembered it, SFCs were always meant to be this way πŸ˜‰


Southern Fish strips

Besides shrimps and chicken, Popeye also sells Fish strips. Interestingly the fish used seems to be Catfish, pretty uncommon seeing that most fast food restaurants uses processed fish patties instead. Now this one’s a unique one; I personally love the soft and moist taste of catfish but it may not be for everyone. The translucent meat is very appetizing to me, being obviously a huge sashimi fan! Comes with a small portion of tartar sauce.


mashed potato

Signature side dishes in Popeye’s include their special mashed potato that comes in some unique sauce I haven’t encountered before. Unlike the normal thick pepperish sauce usually found in other fast food restaurants, this one seems to be a blend of spices including chilli to produce a savoury, not so thick gravy poured on top perfectly mashed potato to give you what you see above. Thrilling, I would say, certainly another interesting taste to explore.


coleslaw + potato

Coleslaw. Now. This is AWESOME! I’m sorry la but I’m not particularly a fan of coleslaws, but the moment I had this one I knew I found my favourite! It’s not that it uses a different mix of vegetables (or maybe it does) or that the sauce used is any different compared to others, but the simple fact that they put in finely chopped pickles into the mix to give the extra oomph in taste! Don’t worry though, the sourness in the pickled mix is so very subtle, lending a stronger hand towards the sweetness of the coleslaw, just the way I like it πŸ™‚



Interestingly enough, what made Popeye stand out from the rest in the states was their unique “Biscuit”. Now noticed I had the word cleverly wrapped within quotes, and for a very good reason too. This is mainly because, get this, I don’t know why it’s called a biscuit in the first place. Looking like scones and having a very undefined texture (sort of like a baking work gone wrong) this “biscuit” looks as if it’s a hybrid between bread and biscuit, a texture that most will not have tried before. You should give it a try because I’m obviously not doing very well in describing it. Could you do better?


half eaten biscuit

A look into a half-eaten “biscuit” shows that the inside doesn’t have the usual biscuity look. Lol.



Let’s move on to the burgers. For me the burgers is none other than our three main ingredients slapped into two pieces of conic bread, filled with assorted vegetables and sauces for the main sake of being mobile. As you can see the options are clearly printed onto the packaging.


burger top view

Upon opening you’d see an oddly shaped bread, which I think is meant to make biting easier for us. Decently sized too as you will see later.


open burger

This one here is the catfish burger. Three slices of pickles, mayo and a fillet of breaded fish is all you see, though one might say, it’s simplicity at its best.


fish burger inside

The fillet looks pretty fresh, as I made a slight cut through it. I really love it like this, though if you ask me I still cannot choose between the Fillet-O-Fish and this one. Maybe I should do a personal review on the both of it one day. Haha. Oh, don’t get me started on KFC’s burger selection, the only one worth mentioning is the Tower Zinger, the rest just suck I’m sorry.


me eating it

Picture tells it all. NGAUM!


half-eaten burgeR!

Some may find a half-eaten burger digusting but I must insist on show you how even the burger is as you take a bite off the longer end. Does it look appetizing to you? πŸ˜› I think it does! Just test to see if you’ve drool all over your face by now haha.


shrimp burger

This is the innards of the shrimp burger. Ok la got lettuce πŸ˜› Otherwise it’s really that simple, as if it’s just meant to be a mobile version of the usual combos.



I’m a pig and I go NOM NOM NOM!


cheesecake dessert

To end the meal, they serve desserts that you won’t find in normal fast food restaurants (and we’re talking about those within the same pricing okay, no Wendy’s or Carls Jr!) The one above is my favourite, strawberry cheesecake. Loved the texture, loved the taste, perfect ending.


chocolate mousse

I’m no fan of chocolate so I left this one out, but apparently it’s good as well.


suggestion form

After tasting through the somewhat limited variety of food I had to give suggestions and apparently they take all suggestions seriously. The partners insist that feedbacks are very important even in the fast food industry, to perfect the dishes and cater for their customers. Service is also excellent and comments were made on that. Then again, it’s really new. Let’s wait and see after a period of time goes by, shall we?


Set menu 1

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: the pricing. Check it out, pretty decent if you ask me. Cheaper than KFC? McDonalds?


setform 2

The second menu.


over the counter

A snapshot at the counters shows hygiene was kept at an optimum level. Hopefully this will remain true over time, and I’ll make it a personal task of mine to do random spot checks, not unlike what Michelin inspectors do. You don’t know what Michelin inspectors are? I suggest you do a google on it because chances are, you’re missing out a lot on the gastronomical world.

Random fact of the day:

Kai Mayfair’s at London (near where I used to live), touted to serve the world’s most expensive soup (Buddha Jumps Over the Wall) at Β£108 (RM606) per bowl, is a Malaysian-owned restaurant who had just receive a Michelin star award after vigorous inspection by the Michelin team. Kudos to Bernard Yeoh and Head chef Alex Chow for achieving such a prestigious award, which is really, really tough to get! Read about it here.


menu on top

Quite an bold and attention seeking design on the top board to entice your eyes to view it worked pretty well. Strong colours helped of course πŸ™‚



The rest are miscellaneous pictures depicting the restaurant’s interiors, feel free to view them.

baby chair

Baby chairs for family use.


toilet sign

Quirky but nice toilet signages!



Beautiful poster for your eyes to feast on.


inside restaurant

The view inside the restaurant. Non-smoking.


outside restaurant

And the outside. For smokers. I think you can sort of guess the location of Popeye now. Easily found opposite KFC. Talk about rivals!


speciail invite

Thanks Dato’ for the invite! Hopefully there’ll be more like these from now on… Though I doubt I’d get anywhere near KY’s fehmesness in a loooong long while, hor? πŸ˜›

Do visit his blog for lots food places to visit, his maps are a thing of genius haha.


building from outside

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, serving Chicken and Seafood. Do give it a try with your friends and family, certainly something unique to experience. Located at Taman Tun, same road where Secret Recipe is along Jalan Fuad, you’ll find it hard NOT to find πŸ˜€

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  • Chingy chingy: u teh best hehe.. come we post more food pics, did i tell u i love your dim sum shots? can i eat your camera next

    simon: u org kepong meh?


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  • looks damnnn good. the shrimp dishes and catfish thingy. and i always have the knack of visiting your blog when i’m dead hungry with no possible way of going right there (ie: no transport).. and it makes me even more hungry. πŸ™

  • KY: wah that was like what, ages ago ah? πŸ˜›

    clem: so go try it out! though u live in subang, a bit hard la hor πŸ™‚

    chingy: you mean i eat YOUR camera! i tried to trick me! naughty chingy! no DSLR for u πŸ˜›

  • racheal tan: chingy also said so! why leh? yea it’s kinda nice place to bring the family πŸ˜€

    Jamie: NOT! Is shrimps and fish so not fattening okay ;P Fine you can nibble on mine, but just a little πŸ˜‰

    Lb: It was free for me so it’s okay la hehe… Don’t need to be paid to do my favourite hobby of all time: eating!

    Btw I took some friends to the seafood restaurant where we ate last time in Labu, called Happy is it? Got that Tai Pou one. They loved it and said it’s the cheapest seafood by a lot! πŸ˜€

  • finally, for the 1st time i can LOAD yr pg AND leave COMMENT! hahaha… But still, Streamyx is not THATTT good anyway. =/ Popeye Louisiana is such a CUTE name!!! I really want to go there; once I get my ass back to KL lol~ πŸ˜€

  • hitomi: cat fish nice right!

    Jade Zheng: yeay!! haha yeah first thing when you get back to KL alright? we got loads to berbincang. kan oh cik jade zheng yang maha jelita lolol

  • just so you know, in America their “biscuits” are like scones/muffins… where as our biscuits to them they usually refer to it as “cracker” or “cookie”.

    btw i found the fish&shrimp portions a bit small when I ordered. cost more, but meat so little leh. i think the chicken’s more worth it. but overall food was not bad. promising.

    so shiok, first wendy’s, now popeye’s. we’re finally getting more choices!

  • Great write up on this Popeye new outlet!

    Your post definitely made me feel like giving this outlet a try eh!

    Price is very reasonable I would say. Thanks for introducing this new makan place πŸ™‚

  • derrickflc: oh! thanks for the enlightenment, didn’t know that at all! What about chewy cookies? In UK we love them lots!

    Well I guess at that time it was not yet open to public, so ingredients were all “premium” but they really should try and be consistent πŸ™‚ The chicken was good, though!

    I know right, plentiful of choices = happy food people πŸ˜€

    cookies_cream: Thanks! you should.. and I also should put new makan places, though i didn’t know my blog gets these kind of visits cause usually it’s for my friends who are looking for a place to eat hehe.

    Thanks for visiting guys, it’s kinda inspiring!

  • Possible to get the name of the franchisor – may want to introduce space for their new outlets or relocation plan. What do you do as a retail exec ?

  • I do have a contact, her name is Siti and if you want to reach her do send me an e-mail at christopher.tock@gmail.com and we’ll take it from there!

    Hmm, I’m actually working in an e-business development initiative with a local corporate company, so I draft business plans, implement them once approved and continue to develop on the business pursuits.

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