Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown Pizza @ Pav

CNY in pav

As Chinese New Year looms upon us all, major shopping malls have just stored away their Christmas decorations, to be replaced by even more fancy CNY festive decorations! One such scene is the scene you got above.


the outside

It wasn’t long before I got caught into this one in, shouting among shouts abt their new pizza called the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown. LIKE WTH RIGHT!
It didn’t take me long to get seated and the next thing i knew, the waitress was called, pizza ordered and there I was alone thinking how was i supposed to finish a regular pizza all by myself.


landscope poster

This was a sneak preview on how the pizza looks. Needless to say it opened up the dam in my mouth.



I stole this menu to put it up in my office cubicle, cause it’s all cute and that. Don’t you think so? That tantalizing shot of the pizza coupled with the design of the meny, so CNY-ish!


me looking

I even tested taking photos while waiting, just so that there won’t be any awkwardness with people staring later, wondering what on earth was I trying to do. On hindsight my actions could have made them think that I was stealing their pizza idea!


the pizza

Finally the arrival of the main guest commenced, and there I was staring down at it. Somehow I really, really missed those days when we were served pizza inside these black pans, now that’s what I call authenticity! Then I reminded myself this was a flat crust pizza. DARN. I really love thick pan crusts. While most people throw them away I actually gobble these down in glee!


size of my hand

Just for comparison sake I took one piece out of the circle, and hold it up against my palm. As you can see, regular ain’t so regular after all, the portion was pretty small! But I was still fascinated by the shape of the whole damn thing lol. Filled with chunks of tuna, crabmeat stick and other seafood-y stuff, how appetizing to!



At least one thing’s for sure, their tempura prawns were generously scattered throughout the pizza. If there were just a miserable small number of it, us as the customers would have noticed and suddenly prosperity wouldn’t have sounded like its meaning should have now, would it? lol



Without further ado I took my first bite at it. You know what blew me away? The tangy mayonnaise, pineapple and the prawn tempura! What a combination of flavour! I was so certain I could finish the whole damn thing, nevermind that the base wasn’t made out of the typical tomato-based sauce, or that the little cheese-pouch crust looks too heavy for full consumption by just one person!


cheese chilli

But it was, and soon I started trying out how to finish them without feeling over-powered by those powerfully packed pouch of cheesie goodness. This includes adding chilli on top of it. This wasn’t too bad, kinda adds to the sweetness actually. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I do like a wonderful mix of flavours to tantalize my taste buds!


yummy cheese

Though that didn’t fully do the trick for me. Soon I was getting bored with the taste and texture. Too much of the same thing does that to you. I proceeded to just take really yummy shots of them individual pieces without eating them.


close up of cheese

Already in my head I knew I had to take these away, and maybe consume it in the office. Which I did, but unfortunately even time didn’t help; the bungkused portion was eventually brought home and stuffed in the fridge, which still remains in the same position until today. Guess it was reaaallly too filling for one person, and now that i’ve tried it, albeit too much, I probably wouldn’t wanna taste it again anytime soon.

Lesson learned? Do NOT attempt to have a regular sized pizza on your own because it’s not that you won’t be able to finish it, you’d just feel so “muak” for eating the same thing over and over again that your body will reject it simply altogether lol.


side res

That was about it really. I love this place though, one of the few Pizza Huts in town to actually look classy.



Then again, everything at Pavilion was classy. Just tag the word “Signature” on it and you get a 6-star design with all our fast-food restaurants established in it. Kinda interesting if you took note of this fact a while back πŸ™‚ And you would do good to notice that McDonalds couldn’t be part of this plan, I wonder why πŸ˜›


In any case, the total amount spent was RM30-ish, definitely way over budget! I was fine though, cause I really just wanted to give it a test try, and doing it alone was kind of cool, with all those waiter and waitresses staring at you thinking if you were some kind of bigshot. Even other customers couldn’t resist taking a peek on this guy who was camwhoring while enjoying his food, as if he was in his own world. Which I was really πŸ˜€

There’s just something about CNY that affects everyone, and for this case, it was for the better. And with this entry, it’ll mark a season of CNY dinners for time to come. I’d like to wish everyone good luck in trying to slim down before putting on noticeable weight at the end of the day!!

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