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Guess where I was a few Saturdays ago? EVERYWHERE! Well, to be specific I was in Subang to pick Zoe and Hannah up for an event we all know as the Malaysian Dreamgirl Audition; 2nd series. I’m no stranger to the show, being somewhat involved in it the last time round, so it was an uncanny situation that I was to accompany two girls into the audition this time round.

In any case after much delay (we woke up late!) and who could ever forget the venue mishap (KLCC eh? Thanks Zoe :P) we finally arrived at Impiana Hotel.


zoe n hannah

We knew we were at the right place when we were greeted by the banner at the lobby of the hotel. The venue was, needless to say, a great improvement compared to its predecessing audition at the PWTC last year. Making our way through the posh and lavish interior, we managed to find the stairs going up, all this while waiting for the nervousness to start sinking in.


andrew photo

Familiar faces there were Andrew of Drewnity and Simon of the Seow. As soon as the girls made up to the auditions, Andrew came and took a picture. Both of them happened to be one of the few official bloggers for the MDG 2. I also met Diese there. Do follow their blogs for further updates, you know you want it πŸ˜‰



We met Dennis too! Now Dennis here is my current fav, this wasn’t the first time we met and he did recognize me although it’s been quite a while! I guess stumbling into each other at the LRT last year while I was with the ex did help juggle some memory at some point. But even so, I thought we clicked really easily and before I know it I got into a bet with him regarding some crazy ass girl and lost, but I say, the Starbucks investment was well worth it πŸ˜‰ Til date we are and still do keep in touch!


me and walter

Now this here Walter is also a familiar ol’ face πŸ™‚ He’s the first to uncover my secret identity within MDG and very sneakily hinted that time while I was at the MIFC event. He’s a great friend and a fellow gamer too. Designer at heart (he designs everything from the website to the banners in MDG!) Walter’s kindness deserves every MDG finalist’s appreciation; the crazy bitching that goes inside the house can be such mayhem that you’ll even lose your sanity!


kenny and zoe

Finally the online judge himself appeared. No longer a main judge in the competition though he was touted to be a very controversial judge in the last one, Kenny Sia is pretty well known with anyone who followed MDG 1. Zoe, a moderator at KNNCCB (:P) and Kenny caught up with each other after Kenny appeared suddenly at the waiting room, spotted her and said “Hey what are you doing here! (that was for me actually) And you, you’re too young to BE in this show!” and I swear I saw poor Zoe getting all embarrassed as everyone turned to her direction lol. Pretty funny if you ask me πŸ˜›


Zoe and hannah in waiting room

The waiting period was a long one. Poor Hannah had to be in the room while Zoe and I got some grub at Subway nearby. We bought cookies for Hannah but thanks to Zoe’s kindness to her best buddy by starving the poor woman, she ate all 5 cookies up herself (ok fine, 4 and a HALF!)

Camwhoring ensued. I was in it too but I dowan show la πŸ˜›


hannah saw something

It was then when Hannah spotted something. I was amused when she got all excited and reached for my thingie. er. camera i mean. and took the shot above.
What’s wrong with it you say?

omg man!

That’s what! I hope she wasn’t a contestant or something. Poor girl will surely be featured in the video if the slit got caught in video! lol


ppl waiting in lounge

Our plan to go to Youth 09 was dashed as time passed by, something I was so looking forward to. Was supposed to meet up with Hitomi there as well. Soon Hannah was called along with the batch and they waited at the waiting seats, while Zoe joined a few guys who came visiting (Joshua and Aaron). The scene wasn’t as crowded as last year admittedly, but I heard that they had pretty good candidates from the auditions outside of KL (ie Penang).


Instead we got invited for dinner by Nicholas Chay, in some seafood restaurant at Subang old airport. It was with Christine Diansuri and Nicole Kiss whom we made waiting no thanks to a bad incident involving me not being able to find my car at KLCC πŸ™ Sorry guys! Eventually though we reached and had a sumptious dinner with the whole gang, located at a place near La La Chong, called South Sea Seafood.


The crabs were amazing, but little did we know that they offered us Sri Lankan crabs without even asking us, and hence paid a hefty sum for it πŸ™ We decided then that we should boycott KY for not telling us about their cheating nature before hand, le sigh!



Though I suppose it may be quite worth it, thanks to the dishes we had. All yummy, the girls had no problem finishing them up. Everybody was using their hands to eat the crabs, finishing up the fried rice, steamed seafood egg and spinach which I thought was a lot of food for the four of us! (Nicole and friends left because we came really late. Can’t blame them :/ Thanks to Christine for staying on with us though)


All of us

All in all the day was really fun though exhausting. I’ve lost the number of times the girls slept in the car, me getting all stressed up because things weren’t going the way it was supposed to be, bloody rain causing jam and unnecessary hinders and Zoe’s missing tongue stud (the waiters took the plate where she placed it on away) sort of soured the experience.

Upon hindsight, though, it was a pretty cool experience! Being with the girls from morning till night, watching them do random catfights and allowing my nails to be painted (Nick Chay also kena) was stupid but some how made me light-hearted πŸ™‚ Fetching Dennis and friend home also added to the happiness πŸ˜€

It was so fun that we didn’t go straight home after dinner; we managed to catch Bedtime Stories thanks to Nick Chay which sorta ended the day with a great happy (and funny) note, what’s more with Hannah going all high and crazy in the car as we fetched them all back home… Just watching them made me happy and all worries about giving them a bad day (in terms of time organisation) evaporated completely… how nice πŸ™‚


I guess I really can’t wait for the next outing, really πŸ˜€

Coming up…

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