Jangan Ketawa Pan Mee @ KL

No I’m serious. Really. It says on the board “Restoran Jangan Ketawa”. Which translates to “Don’t Laugh Restaurant”.

Apparently it’s because it was really famous once upon a time for their Chilli Pan Mee, and one day a customer decided to go overboard and added chillies enough to overkill Neo-Bahamut in Final Fantasy 7, finished it but choked to his sorry-ass death while laughing in his victory. Yes, boys and girls, laughing while eating spicy food (especially THIS spicy) can cause your throat to be burnt with spice, thus causing a post-traumatic deathly sensation and eventually, death. With that, the restaurant quickly changed their signboard to say “Don’t Laugh” due to the severeness of their Spicy Pan Mee.

Did you really think I was being serious? lol

Anyway since then they have moved to another place about 2 minutes walk from the original restaurant, located off Jalan Sultan Ismail, behind HSBC Building. I don’t know the real reason for that but I guess maybe someone did die… not because of the Chilli Pan Mee but died of laughter cause you’re not supposed to laugh in the “Restoran Jangan Ketawa” lolol!

Typically one would order a Dried Thin Pan Mee with a few fish or pork balls on top of it (each costing a whopping 50cents!!) and it comes with anchovies, mushrooms and minced meat. Their noodles are what makes them apart from others: it was fantastic. Soup was very tasty as well!

But I opted for the fat noodles, which was a little harder than I would have imagined. Nevertheless the texture was fresh, and for some reason I think it tasted really good! A dish like this costs RM5.50, a little pricey but that’s KL for you.

Of course all of these isn’t complete without adding in the dried chilli as you can see below. The standards were 3 spoonfuls, but some gung-ho ones can go up to 7 without breaking a sweat. Most just die at 2! The lunch crowd is ALWAYS sweating as they finish their dish and I guess the satisfaction of getting back into their air-conditioned offices must be a heavenly one. I know it was true for me! By the way, I took 5 spoonfuls myself but thanks to my tearing eyes, flooding sweat ducts and constant highness (thanks to the tingling spicy sensation!) I couldn’t manage to take a picture of my blood-sea covered dish.

Luckily the soup really does the trick in cooling your body. Still the very same night I experienced hell while “doing my thing” in the loo. Still, I thought it was alllll very worth it πŸ˜‰
Are you up for some challenge? Let me know if you managed to go past 5 spoons of dried chilli yeah, I’d respect you a lot. Like, a lot. Really!

Anyway, since then Kin Kin @ Raja Chulan has pretty much taken over the title, mostly thanks to their near-perfectly poached egg added on top of the noodles. I’m going there for lunch this afternoon, can’t wait to torture myself for more value-added pleasure!!! Come join? :Dd


On a separate note, I’ve gotten myself a hair cut.

I used to look like this. Since. Forever. Hate short hair ya see? And I’ve never paid over RM15 for my haircut, and even then it was only twice a year, just to cut my behind. I took care of the front myself cause I’m a genius like that!

My new look. Short hair. Some call it Ah Beng. Some say it’s really nice.


I just say it’s pure gay :'(

Wanna say something?
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