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You know it’s because of Christmas that I really, really don’t know what to post between these holiday period… I mean, asking me not to put any food posts (or she’ll sabo my site) is like asking a lioness not to take a chew on that yummy lamb sipping water by the shiny blue river wtf.

Okay that doesn’t make sense. But seriously. To make her happy let me just put up a really cool photo of my good ol’ UKEC days, when I first got to meet the Regent of Perak himself, Raja Nazrin Shah.


This good man is one heck of a royalty… His downright humbleness alone can command the greatest respect from all of us, and of course all 600 attendees of the first ever Malaysian Student Leaders Summit at Nikko Hotel. Shaking his hand and getting our picture taken even under the disapproving look of the general who takes care of Royal Protocol makes such an event to be remembered…


Malaysia is now at the point of change, and wherever it may take us to, I’m really, deeply excited to be part of this coming onslaught… So much so that I never regretted taking a flight home to celebrate my first Chinese New Year with my family after 9 years!

Though frankly speaking I still love London like my home away from home, and thanks to AirAsia X, I’ve managed to secure a RM1.5k return ticket to London for next year. Later, I read that the very same tickets all got sold out within 12 hours…

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Kinda amazing if you think about it… Ah, I guess it’s about creating a chance to fulfil my Annual Visit London project which will then spur me to work hard every year, so that I can afford the chance to pull this off. Lol. Like I got nothing better to do with RM1.5k eh? Waitaminute. There’s spending money too.

Goodness, I’ll go broke in no time O_o

Nevermind that.


Anyway! My birthday pictures aren’t with me yet, but thanks to both Tomato Michy and Potato Kylie for staying till the end to take care of me! Hope I’ve treated you guys really well to compensate for your care and love <3 And of course, to the rest who attended my party. Thanks Soon Seng, even if you did leave so early and didn’t get to see me all… gone 😛

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