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Last week I wanted to attend Daniel Cerventus’s Startup Camp, something I’ve been looking forward to as part of an initiative to push for entrepreneurship development in Malaysia. As the event was located at Gardens, Midvalley, I took a chance by inviting Splashmilk out with me for a lunch date, to which he suggested this little vietnamese restaurant called Codo, interestingly situated just above Little Vietnam. Codo had an even classier look, and judging from their dishes, I would think they serve a more authentic selection of Vietnamese cuisine compared to their counterpart below.

They had a few interesting dishes that were meant to be shared. Luckily for us Prue came along and joined us in our bid to fulfill our hunger. Hence we ordered the starter set above, consisting of a selection of authentic Vietnamese delicacies. I think we need not explain the myriad of flavours bursting from each and every morsel found in that wooden holder, lest the pictures doesn’t do it justice.


Here’s another viewing angle. Note that the salad placed in the middle was supposed to be Dragonfruit, but was instead replaced by Lychee since they were out of Dragonfruits. It was then that we realised Vietnamese food places a lot of emphasis on the sweet sourish nature of their sauces, and that each dishes come in a range of beautiful, exotic colours.


Here’s the 3 of us getting ready to feast ourselves. In actual fact though, Splashmilk aka Mikel had already ordered Beef Noodles prior to our large dishes, yet another famed delicacy in Vietnam. It was great, nicely boiled overnight to give the beef tendons their spongy yet firm texture!


Then came the mother of all motherpieces in Vietname. Ok I kid, but apparently this is quite a dish. Priced at 40++ (I can’t remember) it was yet another burst of colours, flavours and interesting textures. Boy the vietnamese can be really creative if they need to be!


I can’t for the life of me recall the name of this dish, but it was mainly fresh vermicilli topped with all the ingredients as you see above, including freshly grilled pieces of lamb all topped in pieces of fried onions, crumbs and most importantly, their infamous sweet, sour and spicy sauce. It is then all “lou-ed” up into a beautiful looking concoction that looks like what you can see below.


The rest of the day, as you can probably tell, was a full-filling dream no thanks to the over-eating we did in Codo. It was really too much to handle, though we did not regret ordering the Beef Noodles. I guess I would come back again, though, only during the start of the month when my salary comes in! (Okay it’s not that expensive, but still… oh and we had free Vietnamese tea as well!)


It wasn’t until later when the three of us made our way to the South Tower’s office buildings, and there was when we met a lot of cool people, heard exciting speeches and once again, got to see Daniel in his full glory: wearing nothing but khaki shorts, slippers and an official shirt. Now THAT’s what I call a true entreprenuer!


It was really impressive. Thanks to that I met Steven and a couple of others. Read more at!


True entrepreneurship, as Dan says, is about true simplicity. No need for softwares and all that. This is all the proof you need ๐Ÿ˜‰

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