Nuffnang lunches

It’s no secret that I love having lunches with the Nuffies, cause they’ll travel about KL just to eat really good food. Just last week we had our session at this Bak Kut Teh store and it was really awesome. Of course having Yatz and WetWetWater (Twat :P) with us now adds on to the fun (and additional pervertism, as one would realise after hanging out with them enough lol)

2 weeks ago though, a day before Nuffnang’s Silent Haloween (that I’ve yet to blog about) we went to this really nice Vegetarian restaurant that apparently was visited by Robb and KY prior to our visit. One of their major attractions include this:

Yeap, the Durian Puff itself. Except that it’s in a form of a pancake pouch thingie, filled with real durian and full cream. Sweet and delicious, but as Robb pointed out to us, they’ve lessened the durian content a lot, adding more cream instead, otherwise it would have been awesome!


Then of course we had tofu. Where there’s Boss Stewie, there’s always fucuk or tofu. It’s like, he’s got something for soft, tender textures. Funnily enough though, since he admited that he doesn’t like to eat anything that’s wet, moist and tender. I wonder why that is?


Noodles came next and I think this was the favourite of the crowd. Whether it’s because it tasted great, or that compared with the other dishes it was the most appetizing, it did serve it’s purpose of adding the feel good purpose into our Friday lunches.

Seafood dried Yee Meen


There were more food, and also thanks to the pretty bad service we managed to get egg-tarts for free, one for the each of us. Which was quite a number! Here are some of them, starting with my favourite Firdy!

So cute Firdy, wink for the camera. He’s sooo adorable (and hot and wanted etc etc :P)


Yee Hou my darling and me! Yee Hou so cute. Yee Hou why are you still single!


Yee Hou doing that “look” again. So seductive. And Hot Robb (not to be confused with KFC’s Hot Rod) laughing away at the back. side. HAHA i is so teh funnehz.


I <3 my darlings. Chay Chay also one of them. His balding hair oh so hot.ย  Oh and presenting one of the only two females working in the company! Talk about fair employment, somebody must start questioning the boss’s selection process I say!


Obligatory group shot before I left because they ate till really late. Then the boss said this:

Boss: Why you all still eating here, today no work to do ah!
Rest: Boss also not at the office, no need to go back so early laaaaa!
Boss: wtf oh hai iz me! (ok i added the last bit myself but it’s really hilarious when he does it :D)


Sometimes I really don’t know how the Nuffies get anything done in the office at all. :/

(oh and the other female in this group shot is none other than Pinky! Unfortunately no one in the office regards as her one, so I’ll take the liberty to make sure she gets treated like a woman, no less. I’m such a nice guy :P)

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