Chromatic Puma!!

I can has love lolcats omg can!! Check more here 😀

Incidently, one of the most amazing browsers has come to google earth, in the form of a mix between Open Source’s Mozilla Firefox and Apple Webkit  to give you:

Google Chrome! (in itself an open source browser too!)

Okay, so what makes it more special compared to the top two (Firefox, Opera, and pls no IE pls) out there?

One major reason: individual tabs are now separate processes but they exist within the same window.

What does that mean? Simply, say you have about 16 tabs running on your browser (normal la) and the one where you were waiting for your youtube to load suddenly crashed. What happens then? That’s right… the browser as a whole crashes along with it, forcing you to alt-F4 everything into oblivion! And THEN you have to wait as it fully loads all your tabs again after it does its recovery thingie, and any information you were halfway typing is all gone into our little black hole in webspace.

Now with the feature abovementioned, you just have to worry about one tab crashing, and THAT’s the only tab  that’s going to go, not affecting the others!

Apart from that, in general it’s pretty smooth sailing and seamless integration makes it all the more cooler. In fact you’ll have a hard time at first getting used to the sheer screen size it offers, a far cry from even Opera. You have to use it to understand what I mean lol. Take a look at the comic that Google made here.

So what are you waiting for, download it here and give it a spin!

Update: ok reading this piece of news I might also give the latest Internet Explorer Beta 8 a try, after all, we can’t always be anti-Microsoft, can we? It’s the same with everything: if we don’t like it, we change it, but we must at least give it a chance if it’s good. People power counts for a lot in this time and age *winks*

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  • Tried IE 8 Beta 2! The result … SUCK! The score for Acid Test 3 is 21/100! Overall impression is too fancy and complicated!

    Google Chrome nice because of it is using WebKit as their browser engine exactly the one that Safari is using!

  • Really?! Wow… I thought they said it loaded pretty fast and sounded quite amazing! But I guess yea they wanna go for fancy and powerhouse theme…

    Safari’s engine are fast, but they don’t support many web apps right? I guess they made a great combination with Firefox and Safari 😀

  • tried google chrome. liked it. gonna use it in conjunction with firefox because chrome does lack a lot of stuffs despite being fast.

    out of topic but where’sss baliiiiiii!!

  • i tried chrome but i could only scroll down and not up, and the screen is too big. i prefer the status bar at the bottom and the dropdown address bar. seems a bit ridiculous to still have to download google toolbar! it looks very IE-ish and nah, not for me. maybe the connection here is not that good, but just a tiny bit faster than ff. plus it doesn’t ask you if it’s okay closing more than one tab if you (accidentally) click the X at the top. bah.

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