Carat Club @ Pavilion

When I’m not hunting for cheap but delicious delights in the heart of KL, I indulge in luxurious high-class cuisine that is not too dear for my pockets, and at the same time tickle my tastebuds for all that it’s worth.

Take for example, the dish above is one of the great selections of appetizers served in C.Club, Pavilion. A luscious combination of Lobster with pan-seared Foie Gras topped in a tangy concoction prepares the taster for something greater to come, its mission to whet ones appetite is achieved immediately just by its alluring display.


Here you can find a better view of the huge, succulent piece of foie gras, with the trail of balsamic vinegar giving a touch of class to the dish.


The Duck Confit was served on a bed of warm mash, bowled in fried Kataifi pastry to give a pleasing visual sin. It wasn’t my dish so I have no comments over the taste, but Ewe Tiam seemed to have enjoyed it, so I’m willing to give it a benefit of doubt for now.


Next up was the Wild Mushroom Risotto that although was not visually stimulating as the previous dishes, it gave a distinct mushroomy aroma which clouded my senses, sending me into a world of fungi goodness. The risotto was cooked just right, moist while retaining its natural brittleness, such that it absorbed the flavours really well making each morsel a tasty treat to behold.


Dessert was up next, which I think was nothing to shout about. Here we have lychee and longan apiece, complementing what looked like a layer of cake which its name I have conveniently forgotten.


The brownie they had was, again, nothing to shout about. Decent and sweet,  served with strawberry ice-cream, at least it completed our meal at the posh Carat Club.


That would be Tiam and the Penguin, our host and hostess for today, acting cute for the ‘atas’ aunties and uncles to see, who I noticed frequent this place often. Prices were just above the top, but not overtly expensive. At least I can applaud the food’s taste and design, wonderful.

Then out of the blue we managed to catch some of the well-known *deleted due to demand lol*, those who know will know about them, and those who don’t, well, it’s the past so I can’t be bothered to talk about it. All in all it was certainly a night of luxury orgasm, without so much of any complains apart from Hotel Millennium’s bad hotel staff at the parking bay. But that’s a story for another day.

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