Shaz's Pre-Birthday @ Yo! Sushi, Pav

The good folks at Yo! Sushi, Pavilion decided to celebrate Shaz’s birthday by having their official grand opening of their branches in both Pavilion and The Gardens just before the actual date itself, which is today, since they know Shaz has this cumulative list of neverending dates/meetings/interviews/birthday celebrations for at least the next 5 days and a good 2 months, starting from today.

YAYA WHO AM I KIDDING HAHAHAHA! ANYWAY, on with the yummylicious pictures bound to kill half of you guys, all thanks to Eddie Kong of Yo! Sushi for the generous invites and the good chefs for providing us lots of extra food 😀 😀

This is Bryan and Jon, who were the first to arrive at the closed-for-private-function Yo! Sushi outlet that looked awesomely like some fine-dining place, except that it’s really just a classy sushi outlet that has a cellar of wine to boot.


Turns out the event was pretty well organized, complete with a (very short and funny) speech made by Mr Jeff Cook of Kendall Jackson, Q&A sessions with prizes and a yummylicious selection of food that complements the four types of wine served.


Ah, always feels good to be an invited guest, just seeing my name there oredi makes me happy 😛 So, first off we had a combination of fried renkon, salmon skin and edamame, served with KJ Vintner’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. This was followed by Salmon Tataki Sashimi below, which completed our Appetizer listing.

While there was nothing to shout about the assorted mix, the Salmon Sashimi definitely enticed my tastebuds, and I thought the salmon pieces went well with the savoury caviar coated in what seemed like Ponzu sauce. Certainly worth noting about!


Second up was our Deep Fried Hairy Prawns, which really is black tiger prawns wrapped in Kadaifi pastry and deep fried til golden. Served with wasabi-ginger mayonnaise and fried Shirao baitfish (those whitish thingies), I would have to say a great play of texture was done beautifully here. Of course, this was served with KJV’s Reserve Chardonnay.


Me, Cheesie and Shaz enjoying our Hairy Prawns lolol. Cheesie and Shaz were actually classmates back during their LUCT era, and the best thing is that though they’ve graduated a long time ago, they’ve both only just collected their sijils last week ahhahaha. It’s so much WORSE compared to Imperial who sent mine more than half a year late, but at least they had to courier it from London, UK ok! 😛

Glad to have caught up with u la Shaz, u know I damn sayang you right? hehe
Dun so emo, Elmo! (no not you, Christmas!)


Then came our Beef Teriyaki, made of Australian Ribeye Beef grilled lightly and rolled over some Enoki Mushroom and Asparagus, sprinkled in some eatable yellow petals lol. I kinda like this, as the asparagus adds a refreshing taste to the savoury and well-marinated grilled beef. Or just maybe the green colour of it tricks me into thinking that I’m eating healthily hehe, in cue with my supposed diet plan 😛


In the midst of it all, we had the Q&A session popping out and each of us were ready to take home a prize! Cheesie, fortunately for us, was the only one who won and received vouchers for Yo! Sushi. Automatically that voucher became Shaz’s birthday present, which we all conveniently forgotten to get for him haha!


It was then when we were presented our final savoury food for the day, bar one dessert to come. The assorted Iso Rolls were made of a few specialties, namely: Eel Roll, Soft Shell Crab Roll and Spicy Salmon Roll. All were unique, and had a certain distinctive taste to them. I wouldn’t say it was orgasmic, but we certainly did ask for more later of these tasty bites 😀


The last wine served for the day was the KJV’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, which is the red wine you see above. I’ve never had tastebuds for alcoholic drinks (though hard liquour is another story altogether lol) and so it’s sad to say I cannot appreciate fine wine, though I’d like to one fine day.


And last but not least, we had our dessert to complete the Wine Appreciation Dinner set. The Pakistan Mango Pancake Roll with Italian Amedei Chocolate was nothing short of fantastic, as I loved feeling of the sweet, warm mango wrapped in crispy pancake roll melting in my mouth while the green tea ice-cream cooled the mixture down, giving a total yin-yanging orgasmic experience all kept within the confines of my mouth cavity, flavours toying with my tongue indefinitely before disappearing altogether. Urhhmmmm.


And then while people were making their way out, we were waiting for Shaz’s “surprise” birthday cake that Eddie conveniently let Shaz know about beforehand. Yes, Shaz was still excited over it. lol.


And there you go, the handsome boy with his yummy cake. Love this picture of you Shaz!


Dome’s Tiramisu, if I’m not wrong. Creamy, ice-creamy texture, laden with sinful sugar icing. What more do you want with a cake?!


And thus ends the exciting day for all of us. Once again it’s many thanks to Eddie Kong from Yo!Sushi who treated us really well despite looking like a bunch of no-named guests (haha!) who can be seen taking a picture with Shaz on the right, and of course, Shaz himself for being such a darling for inviting everyone else except for me (HAHA!) and he’s lucky I’m such a great friend to forgive him for calling me Marcus RIGHT ON THE next day after we met each other for the first time! URGH! lol

Haha I kid la Shazzy Wazzy. HAPPY 25th Birthday to you mate, have a blessed time and keep on rocking the world 😉

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  • Yo!!! Bryan from dinner with shaz at Yo! Sushi. Managed to track you down. Lawl. Your camera really canggih wei. Less than three (lawl) the macro shots. Too bad i cant blog. Didn’t bring my SD card along. Smart fella i am.

  • joshuaongys: nice leeeeh mwahahaha

    christmas: i do i do hehe, don’t give me a coal la, me wants.. erm… a spanking new 32-inch Plasma screen 😀 😀 😀

    oh, and cookie monstah gives u cookiiiiieesss!

    bryan: yo!! hahaha thanks for less than threeing the shots 😀 I’m sure yours will be as canggih.. if you didn’t forget to bring ur SD card wahaha!

    Val: Aiya that day also u oredi makan Rakuzen, enough laa 😛

  • Tock² ~ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ | hates himself for eating Carls Jr. says (4:35 PM):

    Tock² ~ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ | hates himself for eating Carls Jr. says (4:35 PM):
    hate it

    Tock² ~ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ | hates himself for eating Carls Jr. says (4:35 PM):
    i wanna lick it

    Tock² ~ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ | hates himself for eating Carls Jr. says (4:35 PM):
    but i dunno how

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  • First time I heard compliments bout Yo! Sushi. Previously I read some bad comments bout it. Maybe I should try next time.. Hiakz 🙂

  • haro ahlost! erm, i think the bad comments because it’s really pricey and ppl think it’s not worth it. The pricey part, unfortunately, is true though… if you do go to Yo! Sushi, be prepared to eat the expensive and rare dishes, otherwise you also join the rest complaining hehe

  • no spanking new 32-inch Plasma screen, just spanking can 😀 i know this big indian dude who’s gay and i’m sure he’ll be willing to give you what u want 😉

  • u must hv enjoyed yourself lots tht nite la 😛 happy belated b’day to sahz! but come only 1 candle on his b’day cake? he doesnt look like 10 yrs old to me 😛

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