Floratic trip to Bukit Tinggi

Here are a few of my favourite pics taken at Bukit Tinggi’s Japanese Tea Garden… It’s really surreal, the weather, the green presence of life, the harmonious mixture of zen and nature gives this place a breathe of something special.

The fishes swam freely ‘neath the rivers, flowing through earth, rocks and bridges centered around the japanese-flavoured hill.


White flowers littered the grounds, as if inviting peace and serenity into this calm, slightly breezy garden that many species of flora seemed to belong.


Purple-ish flowers like these gave it a vibrant, colourful flavour that would have taken a breathe away if not for the life-giving moments that seem to sweep your feet off the soils.


Cute little orange seeds (or fruits) would give the impression of fresh life, born of insemination between plants and insightfully showing the harmonious relationship that the insects have with them by being part of the seeding phase.


These pink flowers shower the ambience with romance and love, symbolizing an ethereal beauty that is inexplicible to all…


But what would be complete without a controversial statement to support the beauty behind a scenario? By having a Yin to the Yang, or the stark contrast between black and white, this little plant shows that even ugly sides exist, and can be made strikingly in awe, too.


Eventually all time stops when you’re in this little garden located at the top of Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. The serenity of water fountains, the peacefully lush greens surrounding it and the ethereal beauty of the breeze flowing through your hair makes you forget the troubles of the world. It pays to enjoy the calmness of mind before embarking to the truth of reality out there, and with that, renewed vigour alongside as well. Why not give this place a little try?


Up next:

continuation of our Bali trip, since none of our celebrity bloggers are free enough to continue writing about our beautiful trip!


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  • Hey, the 1st pic looks like oil painting, nice!

    The white flowers in the 2nd pic is a common herb..it’s called “cat’s whisker” or misai kucing.

    The girl in the last pic look a bit like …my daughter.

  • oh hi mama cheesie! nice leh my pics hehe… oh misai kucing, very nice flower la, must buy one day and plant at home.

    the girl in the last pic? ur daughter meh? sure boh? think your daughter look like this la:

      wah sai damn scary =.=

  • post more about bali! looking forward to reading it – esp seeing pics.

    airasia’s flying to this particular area at north sulawesi that looks/sounds very untouched (as untouched as an island could be if you already have an airport there). temptingggggg.

  • clem: will do clem! but you’re probably more excited over your bangkok trip 😀 (wut’s the island’s name?)

    a@ron: HAHA why u so blinded ah hehe

    Oli: you’re just commenting coz i asked you to! go DIE!

    zewt: what premier? hey we ought to meet, would love to hear about your experiences! i’m also somewhat in need of wise words right now 🙂

  • It’s called Manado. That North Sulawesi place. I guess you can see it everywhere from Airasia ads in the papers now.


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