Jimbaran the Beach House

Jimbaran was where we had our most expensive meal, and since we keep our little booklet of accounts to record our expenditure, usually we have one person settling the bill first so that we don’t potong our stim by doing calculations to see how much each of us have to pay. So it just so happens that this time we went to this really, really beautiful restaurant at Jimbaran, and I offered to pay and had to fork out a whopping Rp600,000 for our sumptious meal.


That’s about RM200++!! Split between the four of us, that’s about RM50 la. Which, when you think about it, is really cheap since we had:

1) whole bbqed fish
portions of belacan kangkung (or something liddat la)
3) deep-fried calimari rings (okay not like, 3 pieces, but a whole lot ok!)
4) whole bbqed chicken (extremely yummy according to Icy)
5) bbqed sting-ray
6) coconuts, cocktails, aqua and “arak”, which btw, is NOT the arak we know!


But of course if you compare it to other warong foodstuff we ate, it’s filthily expensive la hehe. Check it out at Kenny’s site.

And this is what we DON’T pay for: the great ambience eating out in the seaside… light winds rustling through your hair, the little sea-breeze damping your skin giving off a cooling effect. All this and not a single mosquito bite on your body nor finding sands creeping into your food makes eating here a truly blissful experience. And no, I’m not exaggerating here πŸ˜‰


While testing for the correct lighting in this semi-dim romantica place, my model here agreed to pose which such enthusiasm that I also wanted to pose along. Aiya, what to do la when you put two camwhores together. Oh wait I didn’t just admit to being a camwhore did I?


I am NOT a camwhore. However, I am a self-proclaimed CAMPIMP. Campimps and camwhores are mutually exclusive, btw, as I will explain below:


Why? Because while camwhores take photos of themselves because they think they’re really gorgeous and the world should bow to their awesomeness.
I, for one, do not believe in such atrosity!

For me, I love taking pictures of people, sceneries and weird objects. Yes, I really do mean weird-looking objects. But since whenever I go around with my camera taking photos, everyone else naturally assumes that I’m THEIR photographer hence reducing the need for them to take pictures themselves. Now, I’m sure many of you have experienced this before.

So how do you deal with it?

You take pictures of yourselves of course! No one take for me I take myself la right! Makes sense right? You know I know la lolol.




me, kenny, cheeso & icyqueengoddess – stolen pic

The four of us could hardly finish what we ordered. We were even thinking of getting lobster as it as really cheap there, but thankfully we didn’t, seeing that it was more than enough for us. Coming from both fat-asses Kenny and me, it’s definitely a lot okay!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures. with captions of course πŸ™‚


On an open-shutter shot, showing neighbouring restaurants and mostly tourists from Europe, Australia & Japan


The serenading group that I was so awed with that I gave them a tip of Rp50,000 by accident, to which the others retorted as “silly” and commented that “they can pack up now and go home happy cos some dumb tourist gave them a day’s worth of work”.. Idiots! come on la guys at least we were happy ok!


and finally, this happens to be the entrance of this particular restaurant that we went to. I am standing where the taxi dropped us of (and that taxi, with its driver of course, is an entire different story altogether!) and this is the awesome view we got, together with the staff greeting us as if we were some royalties, welcoming us with… well, delicious welcome cocktails, gratis!


Needless to say, we truly had an amazing time at Jimbaran. I wouldn’t mind having another orgasmic explosion right here again, any time at all πŸ˜‰

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