Intro: The Bali Casts

I guess one of the main reasons for this trip being one of the most awesomenest trip I ever had was majorly thanks to having travel buddies whom are, well, crazy in their own individualistic ways. I will introduce them first, before further Baliposts littered with pictures, pictures and MORE pictures. (u must pronounce balipost like u would for balitong, purposely one wahaha. eh actually we had a lot of puns but i dun remember them now :()


So, introducing, on the far left corner weighing no more than a hippopotamus (i’ll never get the sp right! ugh) and owner of the beautifully contorted body as per below, Kenny Sia the awkward poser cum blogger!

(that’s his professional occupation, says in his business card. really!)

woo poised like no tomorrow


Next up, weighing only X pounds and pushing up the average age in our group by a whopping 2 (that’s a big number with just 4 in our group okay!) and *gasps* having a foot size 3 is none other than IcyQueenGoddess herself!

yes kenny, we know you have an eye for her


Then we have the camouflaging Cheeso, who has no choice but to try and blend into the surroundings, otherwise we’ll get random strangers approaching us saying how pretty she is, whether she’s a japanese bla bla bla DAMN beh tahan lo, why attention not on kenny’s coconuts, or at Icy’s super small feet, or at my steven lim-ish face! growl! Some people just get all the attention sigh. Please go to her brog to find for better pictures, otherwise I know people will only come here to see her pictures. How can liddat la, won’t be true to my narcassistic self ok! Cheesus.

ok la i kid, expect to see more of her camwhoring pictures here, since my camera is practically filled with it. le sigh, who’s the biggest camwhore again?


And finally, lil’ ol me, who is proud to be the driver during the first half of the journey. Am pretty proud of it alright, Bali roads, wait, make that ALL OF INDONESIA’s, are probably one of the worst roads to drive around in! (comparable with Penang? Nay, even worse!) All those single lane roads, motorbikes that swarm like bees, super steep or extremely windy HUGE pot-filled uneven roads… just thinking about it gives me the ‘aye shiver me timbers!’ feeling ok stop being weird christopher tock


ANYWAY, and it was totally all in manual beybeh, yeah! I think I’m great with sticks, are you? πŸ˜‰

our faithful avanza, may it forever rest in pieces after that damned lorry ripped off its lights


Okay, say it now or let the question be forever buried under a pile of lousy blog posts: what or who do you want to see more of out of the four casts mentioned here?

Wanna say something?
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